Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Windy Tuesday

Another windy day. It's beautiful.. yet the wind is awful!

I went to Independence this morning to have my hair done.  I also stopped and washed my dirty car. I called my daughter about lunch but she is fighting a terrible cold and has a sore throat. Then I came back home and cooked lunch. I made a potato/chicken casserole.  It was very good. I served it with frozen broccoli, and Bob's salad and for dessert we had the rest of the pudding.

I called the Medicine Shoppe to ask about the names of the antibiotics I took last year for the erysipelas on my face. I saw a program on TV last week about a woman  who took an antibiotic and was left with sore muscles and tendonitis.  I went through a battery of tests last year to find out why my arms hurt so much. Everything was negative.  I looked up those antibiotics on the internet and checked out the side effects. One of them called minocycline can cause muscle and tendon aches. Now I know! 

This afternoon, I sat in the recliner with Missy on my lap and read my Kindle. I fell asleep for awhile. Afterward I went to town and had a small Sonic Blast. Now I won't need a smoothie for supper.

This evening we will watch TV. Most evenings Bob comes over to watch TV with me and we have a small glass of wine. We have discovered another new wine. It's a white wine. It's called Moscato and it's kind of carbonated.  It will be good for a change.

More later....

Bob came over and we watched some reruns of the Big Bang Theory and then we discovered that a special about the Dave Clark Five was on PBS so we watched that too. Bob didn't quite make it through the entire program. He went home to go to bed early. 

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