Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Recuperating Wednesday

Everything went well last night too. I slept in the recliner like the doctor said to do and slept all  night with the exception of getting up at 3:00 to go to the bathroom.  Missy slept on my lap. There is no pain this morning either. I did briefly put ice packs on the eyelids awhile ago. They suggest six times a day for 30 minutes.  I don't know that I will get that done but we'll see.  Besides that, my leg pain is also gone right now. Perhaps my body assembled it's resources to fight the pain in my eyelids and also took care of the leg pain. Who knows. The body is a mysterious thing.

Bob dropped over awhile ago to check on me. He was amazed there was no pain.  I am simply delighted.  I am zapped of energy but I expected that. I will do nothing today but take care of my eye lids.

Leslie drove me over and back and we had salad at Olive Garden. I remember nothing about the trip home. I was "out of it".  I have quite a bit of swelling and blackness at the corners of my eyes, but that's a lot less then I expected.

More later....

Bob brought pizza over from Casey's. It was good!  I had some Coke in the frig and we had some of that too.

I got a short nap this afternoon.

I also did some reading. But I am really bored with just sitting around.  I can't go out though because I look like someone gave me a good beating.   I have put ice on my eyes several times today.  But they're still bruised and swollen.


Balisha said...

Just continue resting. Take care today.

marlu said...

What Balisha said! Rest and pamper yourself. You deserve it.

Margie's Musings said...

I am doing that, gals. Thanks for looking in on me.

Betty said...

I'm glad you're pain free. Just don't try to overdo things. Like Marlu said, "pamper yourself."

We're getting not one, but two Casey's General Stores in our town. Don't know how we rate two of them, since we're such a small town. But, we'll see how things go. Our town fathers have always had delusions of grandeur.

Margie's Musings said...

We have two Casey's too and our town is just 10,000 folks.