Sunday, July 13, 2014

Huge Sunday

We will have an extra 100 people in for the 11:00 worship service this morning and they will stay for lunch too. My daughter and I set up some extra tables for lunch. We will get a count later in the  morning for the cooks.

I didn't sleep well again last night. It's just the nature of camp and the mileage I have on me.  It's tragic!

I am taking some photos and will post them later after I get home. 

More later....

We had a good worship service this morning and  a lot of people came in as guests from other congregations in the area.  We also had a fine lunch...thanks to Tom, our head cook.

Then this afternoon we had a campground board meeting and an association meeting in the lodge.

This evening we will have dinner and then after that we will have another worship service.  Then it's shower time and to bed.  Hopefully, I will sleep better.

I will take some photos of the campgrounds and the facilities and post them when I get home.

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