Saturday, August 2, 2014

Last Extra Day Saturday

This is my last extra day. Next week I resume my regular work schedule. Thank goodness! I really do not like working 6 1/2 hours.  I come home exhausted and then have dinner to fix.  I have been trying to fix dinner ahead for that reason.

Tomorrow we will go to church and afterward eat out somewhere.  I will need to do my letters  and send out a birthday card to one of our members who lives a far piece away. The family seldom   attends because it is a long drive to our church.  But we don't want them to think we have forgotten them. I send out birthday cards to all who are on the rolls whether they attend or not.

I will soak beans tomorrow night. We will have cornbread and beans on Monday. I will probably fix some pudding for dessert.  Monday is one of my 6 1/2 hour days.

I am satisfied with my new job although my new supervisor is rather "bossy".  Maybe after I get the routine down pat she will relax some.

I have made my lunch and put it in the frig. I hope I don't forget it.  It was 2:00 before I got to eat yesterday. We were fairly busy. 

More later...

When I got home from work, I was exhausted.  Bob met me at the door and suggested we go to Sirloin Stockade to eat. He wanted to buy my dinner since I had cooked all week.  We will have our casserole on Monday.  We had a good dinner out tonight. 

He stayed awhile but after the news and there was nothing more to watch on TV, he went home and I took my bath and tried my best to stay awake.  It wasn't easy. I was so tired.  We had dozens of visitors.

Here are some photos of the museum.

This is the front of the museum. 
This is the east side front.
These are some of the ordinary guns displayed there.

This is just inside the museum.  This shows the first "inside" bath tub in Coffeyville and an old type cash register. There are some posters on the wall of guests of the Interstate Fair and Rodeo held in August each year.

This an old homemade cradle  in the east room of the museum.

These are some visitors looking in some of the museum cases. Behind the counter is the curator, 
 This is a part of the gift shop in the museum. 
This is a display in the east room of the museum. On the right side there is a display of the bricks made at one of the old Coffeyville brick plants.

This is a scene found in the foyer of the museum. It is a display showing the Eldridge House, a hotel in early Coffeyville. Manikins displayed show a coffin and a widow and child standing near it. Four citizens were killed defending the town and the banks from the Daltons. The museum is dedicated to them. Four of the Dalton gang were also killed. One survived the raid.
This is also the scene just inside the museum. It shows a story about Chief Black Dog, a seven foot tall Native American Chief who weighed 300 pounds. His tribe were the earliest settlers of the area.

This is all the photos for this day's blog. I may include others about the raid and the Daltons at a later date.


marlu said...

Thanks for the photos. It's nice to see a place I have not visited in our state!

Margie's Musings said...

You should come see it sometime, Mary Lou. You can buy a combo ticket for $9.00 and see the old Brown Mansion too. It's a great tour too.

marlu said...

We really should but we don't travel much now! My maiden name was Brown so it would be fun to see the Brown Mansion. Probably no relation!

Margie's Musings said...

I see. Maybe someone would bring you.