Monday, September 22, 2014

A Quiet Monday

I  have no plans for today. Exercise class, yes, and then I want to go out to my daughter's and see the new gorgi puppy.....named Mini.  She's ten weeks old. Yesterday when Jeromy went to his folks to do laundry, he accidentally closed the garage door on the puppy's leg.  They thought it was broken. He called his folks at church and they went home to take Mini to the vet. Dr. Cooper x-rayed the leg and it was not broken..only sprained. He gave her some pain meds and sent her home. She slept all afternoon. When Leslie called last evening, she was tormenting Spec, their other dog. I think she will be fine now.

I want to bake some more cookies today.......maybe this afternoon. 

I plan to have pork tenders for lunch with mashed potatoes and gravy and a veggie. Bob may bring a salad although he still has some coleslaw here from Friday. It's covered with Saran so it is probably just fine. I will make some pudding for dessert.

I hope to hear from the hospital about work soon. I don't know when the board meets to make a decision about my job. I still want to make another car payment if possible.

My friend, Doug, is having surgery this morning for a brain tumor. I am greatly concerned. It is a very fast growing type. I have him in my thoughts and prayers. I have known him since he was in high school and he is in his early sixties now.

More later....

I got my cookies baked this afternoon after I got my hair done. Bob went with me and we ate at Big Cheese  and then went out to Leslie and John's to see Leslie's new Corgi puppy. We will have our pork tenders tomorrow.

What a darling puppy. Leslie named her Mini. I wish I had taken a photo of her to show you all.

Later  Bob and I mowed the back yard and then even later he came over to watch the new episodes of "The Big Bang Theory".

After he left, I took my bath, put my pjs on and sat in the recliner with Missy on my lap and I read until 9:30.  Then I went to bed.

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