Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday and A Memorial Service

I will go to breakfast with Bob this morning and then later go on down to Bartlesville to meet Myra for lunch.  Then we will go to the Memorial service for Deanelle.

Last week there was a scandalous story in our newspaper here in town. It exposed something that occurred with a candidate for governor 16 years ago when he was 26 years old. I won't repeat the scandal  because it was a case of poor judgment, something many of us are guilty of when we are young. I met the candidate last year when I went with Marilyn to a meeting for Democrats. He seemed a very nice young man who wants to unseat our present governor... Sam Brownback. As far as I'm concerned, his past is ancient history. Most of us who have lived a few years have some things in our pasts we'd just as soon forget. Hopefully we learned something from the experience. He obviously did if the reporter had to dig back 16 years to find something to "expose". 

Yesterday, I wrote a letter to the editor of the newspaper expressing my disgust with the story...which I consider sleazy journalism...something Fox news would do.

This morning I received an answer from the reporter.  He tried his best to justify his behavior. I sent him a reply expressing my opinion once again.  I hate the type of journalism that feels it must tear down a candidate by bringing up something that happened 16 years ago just to smear someone. I believe we should make our judgments on the person he is now.

That's how I feel about Brownback. He is accepting funding for his campaign from the Koch brothers in Wichita....big business...and a corporation. They evidently approve of the fact that he has given huge tax cuts to big business and passed the taxes on to Kansas property owners. He has also eliminated the food sales tax and the homestead exemption for low income Kansans and eliminated tenure for teachers. And we have to consider the number of Kansans dependent on Medicaid who are now uninsured. The cuts to funding for Kansas education can also be listed. Yes, if it's perfection Kansans are looking for in their governor, they won't find it in Sam Brownback. And that opinion is based on his present behavior.


Betty said...

I must say, I'm not very impressed with your governor's decision to auction off sex toys that have been confiscated, in order to pay down the enormous debt his administration has incurred, all the while refusing to expand Medicaid. Typical Republican.

Margie's Musings said... true!