Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Job Interview

This morning at 10:00 I have an appointment for a job interview at Coffeyville Regional Medical Center. Maybe I'll get to go back to work soon.  First I have to have a background check and drug test and that's only if Ms. Cahill decides to let me work there.

This afternoon I'll load the extraneous stuff from my storage into my car and take it up to the senior center. I'm sharing a rummage sale table with Bob to get rid of some stuff I'll never use again.

Tomorrow morning Bob and I will have breakfast at Eggberts and then go man our table for the rummage sale.  I hope I don't have to bring any of that stuff back home. I have a clothing steamer, a steam mop, an air compressor, a fan and a power washer among other small stuff.

I woke up at 3:30 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. I went to bed at 9:00 last night and that's just too early to sleep well.

More later...

I don’t know too much more than I did before my appointment. I saw on the hospital’s facebook page that they cancelled the “Meet and Greet” they had planned for yesterday to introduce their new CEO, Kathleen Cahill, to the public. So I went over at 9:30 just to be sure my appointment was still on.

Sure enough, she was not in. I did talk to and finally met Doug Rideout but he is only a consultant with the hospital. He was very enthusiastic about  the program and my being at the hospital to do scanning and such but said he would talk to Aime and decide what to do next.  I did not have a drug test or a background check.  I told him I could start whenever they were ready but still I was not sent to HR or anyone else….certainly not CEO Kathleen Cahill.  He said his next step would be to talk to Aime. So I am back to square one.

I  went to the senior center  and unloaded everything I want to sell and get rid of. I need the space more then I need the merchandise. This apartment is only five rooms.

Later, at 4:00, I will try to meet the manager of the Mill Supply Apartments and look them over. ...not for myself as much as for Bob. He is not making it since they raised our rent. He drove by the city of Caney apartments this morning just to see if they still look pretty nice.  He really doesn't think he wants to move to Caney. He wouldn't know anyone there anymore. But he needs to find something that is based on his income.