Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday and Breakfast

Bob came over about 6:30 and we went to breakfast early because the mover is supposed to be here at 8:00 and that's just thirty minutes from now.  Bob will be moving to his new apartment today and it is about three blocks from here.

I will vacuum and dust this morning. I did the laundry last night and folded it out this morning after I got home from breakfast. I simply cannot find time to get everything done anymore what with exercise classes three days a week and cooking.

I had a problem sleeping again last night. I went to bed about 9:00  and awoke at 1:00 with my right leg aching again.  I got up and took an Aleve but couldn't get back to sleep. I got up in about an hour and took a melatonin again and finally got back to sleep until 5:30.

I like my job at the library but so far have mostly bound up the old newspapers to get them ready to be recycled.  The back room there at the library is a real mess.  Maybe it happened when they were doing the renovation but I think it is time to reorganize that area.  Maybe I can get Katie, the librarian, to tell me how she wants it done and I can do that as a part of my responsibility.

More later....

Well, I got the apartment vacuumed and dusted. Now all I have to do is mop the kitchen and bathroom floors and wipe down the cabinet tops. I think I will do that later. I am very tired.

I notice the movers are gone over at Bob's apartment.  It took them just an hour to load up his furniture. He will take the next week or ten days to move the rest of his boxes. He is paid up over here for the rest of the month.

I will rest awhile and then decide what I'm going to do with the rest of the day.

More later....

About 10:00 this morning, Bob called and said, "Help"....he had more furniture then he had  space. I went over there and Denise, his daughter was helping too. She had been carrying some boxes in and was exhausted. The movers had moved him in and were waiting to get paid.  I wrote his check and he signed it.

I moved his desk over to the south wall so he could get his recliner into the corner.  Then I put his wicker chair in the kitchen and the rocker in the bedroom. I put a lot of extra blankets on a shelf in the large closet off the bathroom. He insisted on taking me over to "Just Us" in Cherryvale for lunch.  He had invited Denise but she was very tired and just wanted to finish up and go home. Later Denise and I hung his valences in the kitchen and later after lunch, I hung his valences in the bedroom.  He came over for awhile for wine and a couple of cookies after 5:00. But he was really tired and went on home to get some rest. I think he has overdone it.  I am tired but not exhausted.  I will take my bath in a little while and see what's on TV. If I can't find anything I will read until time to go to bed.


Sue said...

It sounds like you just need to rest your body. You have been doing more physical activity. Your body needs time to adjust and get stronger. Library work can be very physical. When I worked at the library all those years I sometimes compared it to working in a factory. Give yourself some time and remember to rest between all this activity.

Balisha said...


Margie's Musings said...

Thanks gals! I expected to rest today but ended up cleaning house.