Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday and Sick so No Work

I'm not sure I'm going to exercise class this morning.  I am either fighting my allergies or a cold. I am spraying my throat and using zinc lozenges. Sometimes they will shorten a cold...if it is a cold. It will be hard enough to work today with the kids out of school for spring break.   They are so rowdy and they hang in the library because we have that teen room with all those computers. Some of these kids have tablets and they bring them and use our Wi Fi to connect to the internet.  

I don't have much patience with kids of any age anymore.  Many of them have not been taught any manners and many of them are not considerate of others.  I can just imagine how hard it is to be one of those folks who use the library computers to do their income tax and to have to deal with all that noise while trying to concentrate.

More later....

Well, it's either a cold of the flu and I don't know which it is.  I called in sick and stayed in all day. I did eat some oatmeal and a banana but nothing except a smoothy the rest of the day.  I wasn't up to cooking at all.

Marilyn invited Bob over for supper last night and they sent me  a plate but I had no appetite and it's in the frig.


Betty said...

Not only do the have no manners, they are semi-literate. They don't know grammar and they can't pronounce words. They don't know the first thing about history or civics.What are the teachers teaching?

Margie's Musings said...

They are teaching the test. That's all they have time to teach since these kids are tested so much!

Kay said...

Sadly, I've noticed the same thing about a lot of kids these days. Not all, but many.