Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday At Last

You may have noticed I haven't had time to do my blog since Monday. It's been a wild week. Monday evening my niece texted her dad and said he needed to take her home from the emergency room at the hospital. You may recall that last week she had had to go to the emergency room since her blood count was so low, she was faint.   She had had an other emergency and was taken by ambulance that morning to the hospital. Since she lost her husband last August, and since her daughter moved out to share an apartment with friends, she has been alone out there. So we went to get her at the hospital and take her home. She called her daughter, who had moved out to live with friends in an apartment in Independence, to come to open her door. In her haste to get to the hospital, she had locked both her billfold and her house keys in the house.  When her daughter came and opened the door, Bob tried to get her to stay with her mother so she would not be alone while she was having this problem. She would not do it.

I couldn't bring myself to leave her out there by herself so we had her pack a few things and come stay in my den bedroom. She stayed Monday night and Tuesday night and then Wednesday, she had her D & C and we took her back to my apartment for one more night. After lunch Thursday noon, Bob took her home. She was much better . She has a Wednesday appointment with the doctor where she will learn the results of her biopsy. They found a large polyp and removed it and will have it biopsied. Unfortunately I will be in Texas at that time and will not be able to go with her to the doctor's appointment.  She does not want her dad to she will be on her own. The doctor has scheduled surgery for next week if the biopsy allows it.

This week has been horrendous at work. The teenager who worked for an hour in the afternoon to put away the DVD cases in the shelves graduated and is not working now. So I go in about 15 minutes early and put them away in the storage machines and then shelve the cases and then scan bar codes for two and a half hours and then start putting away the DVDs that have come in while I was scanning.  I have been exhausted every evening but have had plenty to do when I get home. While I was at work each afternoon, Bob came over and stayed with his daughter so she would have someone here just in case she got lightheaded again and fainted.  It has been a wild week. Last evening I waited for Keith and Esther to come and they got here about 8:00. I was so happy to see them both. They had stopped and eaten supper. That made them later then they thought it would be.

Scott and Ginger got to John and Leslie's in time to take them to supper in Independence. They texted me they were there.  Scott will go to Tulsa this afternoon late to pick up Jerod and Melanie at the airport.  They are flying in from California. Ginger's family should be here this afternoon too and she will go visit with them at their motel while Scott goes to pick up his son and his wife at the airport in Tulsa.

Today I will go in to work after we eat breakfast. Keith and Esther are going to breakfast at Eggberts with Scott and Ginger and I and then Scott and Ginger and I will go up to the courthouse to pick up the paperwork for the marriage license.  Judge Cullins has signed the waiver for the three day waiting period so they will fill out the paperwork and got the license while we are there. Then I will come home and pick up my car and go to work.  I imagine it will be time. If I have time,  I will eat something for lunch.  If not, well I will have had a big breakfast.  Hopefully it will hold me.

It may be awhile until I get back to the blog.  This will be a busy weekend and then I leave Tuesday for Texas.  The wedding is tomorrow afternoon. If the weather holds, it will be held on John and Leslie's patio. If not, it will be in front of their fireplace in their living room.


clairz said...

I'm always glad to see you here after an absence. I knew you would be busy this week and hoped that was why you were away from blogging. I wish you safe travels and a wonderful time at the wedding.

Margie's Musings said...

Thank you so much Clair! I am so busy that finding time to blog seems impossible right now. It's early morning though and this is the time.