Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday, Thank Goodness!

I am ready for Friday. Anymore, I am always ready for Friday.  We will have exercises this morning. Afterward I will fix some pork chops I bought while they were on sale some time ago. I had frozen them until the time I wanted to use them. We will have mashed potatoes, gravy, and a veggie. Bob will bring the salad. I have the rest of the peaches for dessert.

Katie will probably be back at the library today and I may be scanning bar codes again.  She still hasn't entered the ones I brought her on Tuesday. She has been busy with other things.

The house is nice and clean. I cleaned pretty thoroughly yesterday.

Missy is wanting to go out this morning and I am waiting for daylight to go out with her.  We never know if there is another cat out there that would challenge her territory.

More later...

I did put away a couple of baskets of DVDs and then scanned another aisle of bar codes. I have six aisles left of the non fiction and then will start the material on the genealogy area.  I will still have all the car manuals in the back room to do too. 

After work, I picked up my newspaper and then picked up Bob and Marilyn  to attend the hospital auxiliary's ice cream social.  We stayed for the city band concert. It was something different to do and nice.  I was going to take some photos but only got a few before my battery went down on my camera. I will download them after I recharge the battery.

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