Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tuesday Again

I will have a very busy morning today. I have a haircut appointment with Kathy this morning at 9:00 and afterward I will go to Caney to pick up my new contacts. Then onto their post office to mail off the newspapers I collected for the kids.  Then I will get home too late to cook so Bob and I will eat at El Pueblo. Then he will drop me off at the library for work. He will have to come back for me at 5:00. I still have not made it to the market and I am out of everything.  I must go in the morning. I may just break down and go to Country Mart this morning early even though they are more expensive. They open at 7:00.

I read last night since there was nothing to watch on TV.  PBS is having their fundraiser and is running reruns. Summer is mostly reruns anyhow. I have a stack of magazines to catch up on. I may take one with me to the beauty shop.

Missy has been wanting to go outside. Now that summer is nearly here, she wants outside constantly. She loves to eat grass and probably needs it. I feel for her but there are two neighbor cats that are interested in visiting her and she is very wary of any strange cat since she was so badly hurt a couple of years ago.

More later.....

This is a photo of the birdhouse Ginger's aunt made for me. I hung it yesterday.

Here is another view. I am thinking of staining it with some varnish I have here.

More news later.....

I got my hair done then went to Caney to pick up my contacts and mail the package of newspapers to Scott and Ginger.  The Coffeyville Journal did not use the story...can't say that I'm surprised.    I also stopped at the bank there to see what the balance on my car is. I still owe a little over $5400 on it. So I guess I will continue working and make two payments each month until the job is finished in September 30th 2016. If it's not paid off by then I will use some of my small savings to finish the job.

Bob will come by tonight and we will have a glass of wine and watch another episode of "The Roosevelts". 


Sister--Three said...

I hope you were careful getting up there to hang that bird house.
It looks nice but I kept thinking about you teetering there to
get it hung.

Margie's Musings said...

I was on my step stool, Sister-Three. I was careful!