Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday and A Day Off

Thanks goodness it's Friday. I was so tired last night that I didn't sleep well at all.  I went right to sleep at 9:00 but then awoke at 2:00 to go to the bathroom and then couldn't get back to sleep.  Finally, I fell asleep again around 3:30 and slept until 6:00...late for me.

I am seriously considering giving up my job. Getting up and down off the floor is killing my legs and knees. I have to sit on the floor to put the DVD's away in the bookcases.  I also have to sit on the floor to put away the bottom two shelves of the new fiction.  And scanning in the children's department also has to be done on my knees. Those shelves are just off the floor for the children. And my hands swell up from pulling open the DVD cases to put the DVDs into the machines. I have soaped off my ring and put it away while I could still get it off without having to have it cut off at the jeweler. I have asked Aime to try to find me a place where I would not have to get down on the floor. All she had right now was Safehouse and I don't think I need to get involved in that at this time of my life. If I thought I could make it without the job, I would just give it up.   

I ate my bowl of cereal and drank my first cup of coffee and then took Missy out on the carport. She did pretty well for awhile but then wanted to roam. I got her to come back to our territory several times but then finally she just ignored me so I picked her up and brought her back in. I do not want to chase a cat at 7:30 in the morning.

Bob called this morning. He had been sick most of the night with diarrhea so was not coming over for coffee after all. It's good he's staying at home. He needs to get over this illness. He will come over after I'm gone to meet Myra and do his laundry. Sycamore Landing charges $1.50 per load to wash and $1.50 per load to use the dryer. That's ridiculous.  I just have him use my washer and dryer while I'm at work.

I was amazed to see that sometime last evening someone (probably Dustin) had mowed. It was really my turn but it had been so hot I was just going to let it go and be a mess.   I was delighted that it was mowed though before the rains we are forecast for most of the next week.

I opened the back door to re-lock it and a huge spider came in. I finally caught it and killed it. I certainly don't need a spider bite.  I ended up cleaning the carpet there and while I had the Resolve out I did some other spots too.  I would love to have the indoor/outdoor carpet removed from the utility hall and a laminate installed instead but I could never get the landlady to do it.

It may rain this afternoon. There is a 60% chance of it. Maybe I will be home by then.  It looks like there's  pretty good chance tomorrow will be dry for our dinner at Leslie and John's.  I will make my potato salad after I get home from Bartlesville.

Missy is crying to go back out. I am trying to ignore her. She is hard to ignore. She cries so pitifully.

More later....

Well I had a great trip to Bartlesville to see Myra and have lunch with her. We had a good visit.  She is doing well. She had a real good time at the wedding for her granddaughter in Iowa.   We ate at Garfield's and had their lunch walnut cranberry salad. It is excellent. I had mine with raspberry tea.

On the way home I stopped and bought gas since it was $2.38.9 there. I also stopped at Peck's and bought hamburger patties.  Then when I got home I washed my car. I also will drop by the bank and get some more money. I spent most of what I had on lunch and the car wash.

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marlu said...

It sounds like a rolling stool would be so helpful in your job. Sorry they don't supply one for you.