Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wednesday and Exercises

I guess I will go to exercise class this morning.  Afterward I will reheat the spaghetti. Bob has bought more garlic toast and will bring more salad.  I still have pudding and cookies for dessert.

I slept pretty well last night. I woke up twice but got back to sleep right away.

Missy is ready to go outside and I will take her out just as soon as I finish this blog. She's been pretty patient. I am trying to train her to realize we will only go "out" in the early mornings as soon as the sun comes up. It's too hot  to go out in the afternoons and evenings. It was 96 yesterday and that is forecast for today too.

Sara faxed my one week time sheet yesterday afternoon at work. Katie is on vacation so Sara was in charge.  Aime will send us a new form for the second week. Today is the first day of the new fiscal year for the least the SER program that I work for. So she had to submit a one week pay form for this past fiscal year and another for the rest of this new work week., Thursday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

Well, Missy has been very patient so I will end this rambling and take her out.

More later....

Taking Missy out is one thing but getting her back in is another. She does not want to come back in and when I insist she hisses and spits at me...very angrily.

Well, we have our leftover spaghetti for lunch along with green beans and a salad. Then I went on to work. I get more unhappy with this job all the time. I got everything I could get done by 4:00 and was going to go into the office area to put away a few DVDs that had come in while I was shelf reading. They had locked the office and were having a "meeting" among themselves. They would not let me in to do my work. I piddled around the best I could until they finished their "meeting"  and I could finish my work. In the meanwhile I did Adrian's work for something to do. Needless to say their little kid "games" did not impress me.

I left five minutes early. I had arrived early so I didn't cheat anyone. I got home to feed Missy and eat some yogurt and drink my Chai.  My paper has not come yet so I am just watching the news.

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