Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thursday Thank Goodness!

I am so glad I will be off work tomorrow. I am so tired of this work. I come home exhausted every afternoon and it's only four hours! I don't know what I would do if I had to work longer hours. It would help if I could sit part of the time. But standing for four hours really wears me out. I am really beginning to feel my age.

I am cleaning this morning. I have done a load of laundry, remade my bed and also cleaned the bathroom and kitchen and now I am taking a break. I am ready be begin vacuuming the den. I just put away the scanner I got out to scan Scott's senior photo.  I have vacuumed the dining room. I only have the den, my bedroom and the living room yet to do. I will do some dusting after that. I still need to go to the market this morning too before I begin lunch.

We will have our tuna, noodle, pea casserole and after we've taken out all we want, we will offer the rest to Bobby and Karan.  It might be their supper.

I took Missy out for about an hour this morning early...before it got so hot. I finally got my newspaper last evening about 8:00. I called Bob this morning and he came over to read it as we sat out on the carport and drank our coffee. After he left, I began remaking my bed and started my cleaning. Missy would like to go back out now but I have too much to do to try to keep her in line.

More later...I'd better get back to it...

I got everything done except the dusting.I will do that in the morning before I leave for Bartlesville to meet Myra. I'd like to mow before the rains come this weekend but I sweat so badly when I mow that it would ruin my hair.

I had a huge day at work today. I put away two full baskets of DVDs and all the new fiction books. I also put away the magazines.  Then Adrian had a project for me. He had me take all the books off the college preparatory shelves and put them into the stacks. That took me from 3:15 until 4:30.  But I got it finished.

When I got off work I stopped at Sonic and had a mini Sonic Blast. I was so tired and hungry. I had my paper when I got home. I also got my sale shoes that I had ordered. Several pair of my shoes are shot. I also took a box of old but good clothing to the Presbyterian Church sale today. I need to get rid of anything I will not be wearing again. I figure if I haven't worn it in two years, I'm not going to wear it and someone should get some good out of it.

Anyhow after Bob left this evening I took my bath and will get Missy into my lap and relax.

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