Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday At Last Again

This will be a tough day. Missy woke me up meowing at 2:30. Because I was concerned about my air conditioner, I could not get back to sleep.  I got up and turned off the box fan Bob brought over yesterday evening.  Now I will see if it's going to start dripping again. I have set a bucket under the leak area to catch it is if starts leaking again. So far... so good.

We will eat the remaining veggie and chicken pot pie for lunch. Bob still has some makings for more salad. I will fix some pudding to have with our cookies.

As I mentioned last night I worked two hours on Bob's HP notebook trying to figure out what happened to his internet. It was updated yesterday and now the entire site does not show any internet routers. It doesn't even show mine. It's ability to get online was evidently closed.   I understand we need an Ethernet cable and then I don't know where to plug it in...the router or the modem?  I will have to call HP support again. He may have to get a tech.

Once again to get my attention, Missy reached up and hooked my arm with her claws. I took a newspaper and swatted her.  She has got to learn that is unacceptable behavior.

Yesterday was another terribly  busy day at work. I put away DVDs and filed the cases until 2:00 and then scanned bar codes over at the children's department for the next two hours. Then I put away another basketful of DVDs until time to leave.  Whew!

I had wanted to go to Bartlesville tomorrow but that depends on a number of things. ...mostly the air conditioner problem.

More later....

Today was another really rough day. Especially since I had been up since 2:30. When I got home I found that the air conditioner had frozen up again and the bucket was half full of water.  I emptied that and put the bucket back under the leak.  I watched TV with Bob until 8:00 but he just had to go home. He was falling asleep in the chair.

I was waiting for Keith to call and me to work on Bob's computer to try to get the Wi Fi working again. I hooked up the Ethernet cable he bought at Wal Mart to get online with the router. I downloaded the program Keith needed several times but Bob's computer would not allow the program from a search engine to download. His Avast would shut down the download every time and his computer would not let me type it straight into the address line...for some strange reason.

Finally we went into Control Panel and Devise Manager and started looking for a problem area in the area that held the Wi Fi. Finally, just as a last resort, I clicked on "update the driver" for the Wi Fi.  The computer searched the internet for twenty minutes before finding the new driver and installing it. Then he had the internet through Wi Fi again! I unhooked the Ethernet cable and the power cable and voila! He was online again with several other local routers showing up on his computer. All that work and worry over a driver problem created by a Windows update. But it was fixed.  I put away his computer and cord and went to bed. But first I emptied another bucket of water. 


Sister--Three said...

Hope your air is fixed! It is 97 here.

Margie's Musings said...

I have a repairman coming between 12:00 and 1:00 tomorrow. There goes my trip to Bartlesville!