Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wednesday Again

Soon it will be light enough to go outside. Missy is certainly interested. I just filled the hummingbird feeder and she sneaked out the back door.  I got her to come back in because she is so cautious.

I slept really well last night and awoke close to regular rising time. Today, once again, I am halfway through the work week.

We plan to have hamburgers and homemade french fries for lunch with Coke. That's one of the rare meals we have soda. I try to drink very little soda since it is made with high fructose corn syrup in the United States.

Mexico and Canada  make it unlawful to use it. It is so unhealthy. Our pancreas cannot process it so it flows right into the blood stream unprocessed. I am convinced, along with much of the scientific world, that it is a major cause of diabetes and perhaps other health problems. That, along with the unhealthy fast food we Americans eat, is one of the primary causes of American's obesity.   Portion control is one way to control that tendency. Every time I eat out, I am appalled at the size of the portions and often bring half my food home for another meal.  It is loaded with sodium and sugar enhance the taste.

It's light out now and Missy is crying to go out so I will get back to this later....

We did go out and Merrill came over again. I texed the landlady and she told me they had evicted the rest of the family leaving only the older man who sits on the porch and talks on his phone very loudly. But at least he doesn't play loud music.

We had our hamburgers and french fries for lunch with Coke and they were good.  I plan to have ham and potato casserole tomorrow with a broccoli veggie and a salad that Bob will bring.

The boyfriend of the young teenager girl that was over there moved in at least temporarily with the kids who live here in the fourplex where Bob used to live.  The three of them went to the market last evening and brought home six or seven sacks of groceries. The landlady said he could stay a week and then after that they would evict all of them if he was still there after a week. What a mess!

I had a relatively light day today and only had to put away DVDs and Blue Rays and games. I did do some shelf reading before I left. I left at 4:50 since I had come in at 12:50.  I was caught up. Bob should be over later this evening to watch the news and Nature and Nova on PBS.

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