Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday and Two Hours of Work

I always enjoy my two hour Fridays. Today Bob and I are going to drive over to Cherryvale for lunch at "Just Us". That's always a treat.  I love their rhubarb pie for dessert. He will drop me off at work and then come get me at 3:00.

I slept well last night and got up at 5:00. I just had two cups of coffee and a banana for my breakfast. I am tired of my cereal. Missy has been good and very patient about coming outside. She is lying here beside me on the carport on "her" mat.

It is supposed to rain today so I will take an umbrella with me to work.

It's nice and cool out this morning with just a light breeze. 

Fred, my neighbor who lives in the house across the street where Bob first lived after he sold his home, has been out on his porch area this morning talking on his cell phone. He speaks very loud and anyone outside can hear every word he says. Marilyn R. says he and his wife argue at the top of their lungs from time to time. What a mess. This used to be such a nice quiet neighborhood. David, directly across the street, has his teenage son living with him and he is pretty quiet...seldom making any kind of noise.

I look forward to the weekends.  I'll be so glad when I get my car paid off and I can quit working. I am ready to truly retire.... at almost 80 years old, it's time.

Bob came over briefly before leaving for his exercise class.

I need to walk down to the Dollar general store and buy a book package. I sold another book on Amazon. Now I have to go to the post office and get it sent to the buyer. Little by little I am getting rid of my books. I don't want my kids to have to deal with that after I'm gone.

And this is just one bookcase. I have another smaller one in the den.

More later... I rode up to Utopia with John and Marilyn R. I had coffee and a cinnamon roll since I only had a banana for breakfast. Bob met us there and brought me by the post office so I could send off the book and then dropped me off at home.  He will be back at 11:30 for us to go to "Just Us"  for lunch. I am to pick up a slice of rhubarb pie for Marilyn She too loves rhubarb pie. Bob will bring it by her apartment after he leaves me at work.

More even later...

We went to "Just Us" for lunch and it was very good. We brought Marilyn back a piece of pie.

I worked most of the two and a half hours I worked today looking for books Katie could not find in the system.  Evidently, the tablet or scanner I used to scan all that fiction, was corrupted and did not record the bar codes. Katie actually asked me if I had "accidentally" skipped scanning some of the aisles or some of the bar codes.  I assured her that I very conscientiously marked my place each day when I finished my day's scanning.  I scanned everything. If those bar codes are not in the system, it's because the scanner or the tablet was corrupted. I am insulted she would even think such a thing. I worked my tail off doing all that inventory. I have half a notion to just quit.

Bob will be over shortly.  He will stay until 7:00.


Sister--Three said...

I will be glad when you can pay off that car and retire.

Missy looks very satisfied to be outside!

Margie's Musings said...

Yes, she loves it, Sister-Three

Anonymous said...

You Aint Goin No Where! Active People Like YOU Will Live Forever!