Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday Morning Work

Scott called me and visited with me for awhile this morning. That was a nice surprise.  He chatted   with me about their new house plans. they are very excited about it. It's 3100 square feet of home...two stories. When it is all finished (presumably in May) I will go down there for a week to see it. My daughter and her husband, John, are going down to see Scott and Ginger at the end of the month to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.  Right now Scott and Ginger live on St. Simons Island. The new home will be in Florida.

I went to breakfast with Bob first thing this morning and then decided on the spur of the moment to go into the library and make up some of the six hours I will miss next week while I'm in Independence, Missouri, at John Whitmer Historical Association meeting.

I had made up a half hour yesterday afternoon and decided I couldn't really afford to take the loss of six hours pay so went in at 9:00 this morning and worked until noon and I had already worked an extra thirty minutes yesterday.  I will go in Monday and Tuesday at 9:00 and work an hour and then work a half hour on Wednesday. I leave for my trip Thursday morning.  That will make up the entire six hours.

As I was picking up books that were not in the system this morning, it occurred to me that those missing books' bar codes were very random. There were probably twenty to thirty books on each sheet that Katie gave me taht were missing in the system but there were hundreds more that were not missed.

When I gave Katie the tablet after scanning an entire aisle since last November, all the bar codes scanned were on there. Furthermore,  I saved every bar code at the end of each shelf and also at the end of each aisle. Then I put a card in the first book in the next aisle so I would find it when I resumed scanning again the next time. If I had skipped an aisle, every book's bar code in that aisle would be missing instead of just random books here and there. So it had to be either the scanner or a corrupted tablet.  I suspect the tablet since all those bar codes were on that tablet when I shut it down and gave to to Katie. That's what she has decided too.

Bob will come over after awhile and we will go over to Braums and have an ice cream cone or  a small milk shake.  Neither of us is very hungry after such a big breakfast. I had a coke over at his apartment awhile ago. I was thirsty.  Later this evening I will have my yogurt.

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