Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thursday Thank Goodness

I slept poorly last night again. Finally I took a Benadryl capsule and got some more sleep. I got up shortly after 5:00, started my laundry and fixed my breakfast of a bowl of cereal and orange juice with coffee and fed Missy.

Now I need to get that laundry in the dryer.

Missy is reminding me that it's light out now and she's ready to go out. She's been patient.

We are having Chicken Parmesan with veggies and a salad for lunch today. I will make some pudding and I still have a few cookies.

Yesterday afternoon I spent the last hour and a half of my time at the library looking for books that are supposed to be out of the system but are still on the shelves.  That took an hour and a half. What a mess!

More later....

Bob and I went to Bartlesville this morning to see his doctor there. He has a problem with Gerd and having to get rid of mucus. Lately, he has noticed an occasional pink color in it. I encouraged him to see the doctor there that  treats that. So we made a trip to Bartlesville, 40 miles away, just to learn that Medicare will not pay for the treatment unless he is actually vomiting blood. What a mess! It would be nice to catch anything wrong early and not have to wait until care is urgent or at least be able to find out if there is a problem or not to put his mind to rest about it but I guess that is not possible.

Anyhow we got back home in time for me to make our lunch and for me to go to work.

Work was another nightmare. I put away several dozen DVDs and the fiction books and then Katie had four pages of "lost" books for me to find. By 4:45 I had two full basketfuls to give to her. I stayed an extra fifteen minutes to put away the DVDs that had accumulated while I was hunting down books. I got home at 5:15. I stopped at Braums to buy my yogurt for supper. I was very tired when I finally did get home.

I fixed myself some yogurt and a cup of Chi Latte and felt better. Bob came over at 6:00 and stayed until 7:00.

I stayed up until 9:30 and slept well.

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