Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Very Busy Sunday

I slept well last night after such a busy day.

This is to be a very busy Sunday and it's just started. I forgot to change the clocks but luckily both the laptop and my cell phone automatically change themselves. I changed the clock in the microwave, the Bose music system and the clock over the range. I still have the one in the bedroom to do.

I got myself ready for church first and then baked my coffeecake. I went over my sermon notes and read the Sunday newspaper.  Now, before I go to pick Bob up, I will make a start on my blog.

Yesterday afternoon I checked with Gary to see if he had received my Thursday e-mail about Marilyn wanting to have us for supper and the Living the Questions DVD session on Sunday evening.  Sure enough, he did not have it. I told him about it and after some changes in his plans, he managed to clear his evening.  He really needs the fellowship and likes to come.  Then I called Mona and she and Richard and Ramie plan to be there too. That will be seven of us with Marilyn and Bob and me. Of course Bobby and Karan can't be with us. Bobby is now in too bad a shape. Joyce has other plans too. She will babysit her grandchildren in Bartlesville during Spring Break there. She goes down there on Sunday evening. We never know if Richard A will show up or not. Most of the time when Marilyn has the group, he comes.

After church we will eat out some place and then after I take Bob home, I will do my newsletters and get my cheese and cracker tray ready to take to Marilyn's at 6:00.

It will be a busy day. The fog is very thick out there too and it's nine miles out to church.

More later....

The service went well and we ate at El Pueblo afterward and later I came home and did my newsletters and got them ready for tomorrow's mail.

After that, I prepared my offering of food for tonight's Living the Questions group meeting.

I will pick up Gary at 5:45 for that meeting. Bob will come over earlier to read the paper and will go with me to pick up Gary. There should be seven there this evening.

More even later....

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