Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saturday and A New Day

I woke up at 6:45 this morning feeling a little wrung out but well at last. Bob texted me to see if I was alright and I texted him back and suggested we go on to breakfast. I was buying. He argued a bit over that but I insisted. We went to Sirloin Stockade and ate a nice breakfast. Then I took him home.

When I got home I texted Keith. He had tried to call me last night but I had fallen asleep in my recliner and did not hear the phone.   I awoke about 9:00 and went on to bed. Sometime in the night I saw my phone flashing and checked it out and saw that Keith had tried to call. I wasn't going to call him then so I waited until I thought he'd be up this morning. He texted me back that he had received my CPU and was going to put a new hard drive in it and get it going again. What a guy!

I am going to take it easy this morning. Leslie called this morning to check on me and I told her about that episode I had had and we agreed that I had a 24 hour bug besides the bladder infection. It was a doozy too.

Bob and I planned to have just grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for a late lunch but I was still very queezy so he just went to Arby's and bought a sandwich. .  Neither of us were too hungry after a large breakfast.

I am really zapped today. So I will just take it easy.

Perhaps more later...

I went to Wal Mart and did my grocery shopping this afternoon but sure didn't feel very good.  I ate a banana so I could take my antibiotic. 

Karan called me this evening to say Bobby had been sleeping since10:00 AM on Friday. The Hospice nurse thinks this may be near the end. If you recall, Bobby has been suffering from a fatal brain tumor.  He was given 90 days to live at his diagnosis. That has been nearly 4 months ago. If he lives until tomorrow, he will be 80.  I notified Leslie and Melissa, our pastors. What a tragedy! Bobby is such a great guy and he and Karan have been married only 7 years.

 I had a lot of trouble all day with a queezy stomach and took several Tums.  It's the antibiotic. They always kill all the bacteria in the gut...even the good ones. I ate some yogurt to try to get through it but finally just had to have some more Tums.  I got to sleep about 9:00 and although I awoke several times, I managed to get through the night and get back to sleep. 


Sister--Three said...

Go glad to hear you are "on the mend".
Go slow with all your work. If I recall
you are 80 not 16! Love you, sweet Margie!

If you had a mantra it should be...

I will serve others, Lord!

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks for the advice, Sister-Three.I tend to think I am half my age and overdo.