Saturday, March 26, 2016

Saturday and Breakfast

This morning I will pick up Bob for breakfast at Sirloin Stockade. I want to get an omelet today. Last week the omelet kid was off for spring break. He's a college student.

Some time this morning Leslie will come to hook up my computer. I will "Team View" Keith when he has time and he can configure it for me. I will need the mail configured get the printer installed and get it online too.  I might be able to do that myself but it would be a trial and error deal with Windows 10.

I also would like him to configure the laptop so I can print from the living room again...remotely.

We are to have rain this morning and even on Easter tomorrow.

More later....

My daughter and son-in-law came first  and she put everything back together for me on the new computer. Actually it's the old one with an entirely new hard drive and Windows 10 on it.

The my son logged on and helped me get everything configured.  My laptop will now print from the living room and the desktop will print too. I have restored all my favorites and got logged on to all my accounts. All but my bank. I need to get that configured too now.

So more later...

Nothing is ever very simple anymore. I tried to log on to my bank and evidently put in an old password and now I am locked out until Monday when I can contact the bank about it.

Bob walked over while I was starting to clean the bathroom  and I took a hiatus and we went over to Braum's and got something to eat. Then I took him home. 

Then I wanted to return a package I received today and needed to print off a packing label and instructions. The printer would no longer work from either computer and Keith had tested both of them before he logged off  earlier this afternoon. I had to print it off on my old Dell XP computer's printer and that is using an entirely different printer. I had to take the cartridges out of the newer printer and put them in the older one.  I got the package ready to go on Monday though so that's o.k. but as soon as he is able, I would like him to log back on and see what the problem is. I looked it over but didn't see anything wrong.  But it won't print anything from either the desktop computer or the newer laptop computer. I deleted the ones waiting in the queue.

It's almost 9:00 now and I will soon go to bed.

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