Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday and Exercise Class

Today will be exercise class again. I will come home and fix my meal for lunch. We are having hash made from the roast beef we had on Monday.  I will make it up and warm it up in the oven. We will have coleslaw and another veggie with it and for dessert we will have mixed fruit and a cookie.  I hate to waste food. If I can't make something else out of a meal, I will take it to Marilyn.

Bob will pick me up for exercise class at 8:45. If I can work it in, I will make a run to Country Mart and get what I need from there after 6:00. It's only four blocks away. Walmart is 5 miles one way. I can't get my Chai at Country Mart but I  still have enough for a couple of days.

I had such a good visit with Gay and Tony yesterday. I must do that more often. She is so isolated since she has the care of her 97 year old mother.

More later...

Bob did pick me up for exercise class and we went on to the Senior Center for that. First, though I took a note out to church to put on the door that we were all going to be in Independence, Missouri for that special worship service at our Temple for Peace there.  I also went to Country Mart and picked up a few things to bide me over the weekend.

After the class, I went out to Walmart for a bag of Miracle Grow and some flowers. It's going to rein again Monday...perhaps Sunday afternoon, and I wanted to get my flowers least some of them.  Here 's what I got done today. I will probably add some more later...

This is the front flowers in containers.The other two are on the east side of my apartment in flowerbeds.

I enlarged this one today so I could put some inpatients in front of the lavender. It just gets larger and larger. I had to put a large bag of Miracle Grow in the front. That area used to be a parking lot years ago and it is filled with gravel. I think I need to move that trash container. That's the one Bob gave me for my leaves when I rake. It doesn't do much for the flowerbed area though.

This is the one my son-in-law, John, made for me.

I think it will be filled when the flowers grow larger.

We will see. I do want to fill the containers a little fuller. I bought these flowers at Walmart and they simply do not take care of their flowers and they are never as nice as Hanes'. I just didn't want to drive that gravel road to Hanes' and get my car all dirty.

Now if the mower comes and mows this weekend, it will look better. Betty does not keep the grass mowed like Wayne did when he owned these apartments. Wayne or Merrill mowed every week. Betty has it mowed every other week...if we are lucky.

More later...

I went to bed at 9:00. I simply could not stay awake.


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The flowers look awesome mom