Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wednesday and Back to Exercises and Games

Today will be another of those busy days. I will pick up Bob for exercise class at 8:45. Then start lunch at 11:00. (we eat at 11:30) After lunch I will go to play Bunco at Asbury Village and after that, at 5:30, I will have my PINCH meeting at the Church of God in Christ.

Tomorrow I intend to go to Chanute to visit my friend, Gay. She and Tony are housebound taking care of her 97 year old mother.  She wants to fix lunch for me. I will ask her if I should bring Bob too so he can visit with Tony.  If he goes, we will have our hash on Friday. We are having hamburgers and french fries today with Coke. (Our unhealthy lunch) 

I slept well again last night. It sure makes a difference in how I feel.  Scott texted me yesterday morning and we had a good exchange. I was under the dryer at the beauty shop.

I am looking forward to being able to buy my flowers for the flowerbeds and the containers out front of my apartment extra parking. I love having the place look colorful. John, my son-in-law made me an above ground flowerbed a couple of years ago and I plant it every spring.  I bought flower boxes for the front after I moved in here. I plant geraniums and assilium and spikes in those. I plant red salvia and other annuals in the flower box. I will also plant the bulbs that Leslie sent me for my birthday in there. I will wait until the rains stop...probably the last week of the month. I will have to buy Miracle Grow to mix into the pots and the flowerbeds.  I am enlarging the east side flowerbed so I can plant some colorful flowers in front of the lavender I have planted in there. I will need to add some Miracle Grow there too. The entire east side lawn used to be a parking lot so under that thin area of dirt, there is lots of gravel. Nothing would grow there without the layer of Miracle Grow.

More later...

Well it stopped raining before exercise class. That's good! It's not supposed to rain again until Monday. Maybe after that storm, I can get my flowers done. Maybe I can even get them done Saturday after breakfast before the new storm. I'll play it by ear.

We went to Utopia after exercise class and Karan and Marilyn L went too. We all had coffee and I had a small banana nut bread. That was good!

I have everything ready to cook now and we will start about 11:30. I put lunch off another thirty minutes since I had the banana nut bread. :) I will pick up Karan for Bunco at Asbury Village. 

More even later...

Bob decided not to go to Gay and Tony's  tomorrow. He will be on his own for lunch then. She wants me to stop at Cherryvale at her vet's office and pick up her dog's flea medicine.

More later when  I have some more free time..

We had lunch and it was good. In the afternoon I took Karan and we went to play Bunco at Asbury Village.  We  all had fun. I won a prize but I gave it to Marilyn R. It was a cute book bag and I have several book bags and she liked it. 

After that, I came back home and did some work on the computer before leaving for the PINCH meeting. I ran off several of the PINCH brochures and later distributed them at the meeting.  The meeting was over shortly after 6:30 and I came back home to take my bath at 7:00 and sit with Missy in the recliner. At 8:45, we went to bed. I was exhausted.


Gert said...

Boy you are a busy lady!!! This is wonderful and keeps one young!!! Blessings to your day !!

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks, Gert! I try to stay busy. That keeps us going when we get old.