Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday and No Plan So Far

I slept somewhat better last night. I awoke at 3:00 with my right shoulder just throbbing with pain. After trying several positions, I finally must have gotten comfortable enough to fall back asleep. And, what do you know! I slept until 6:00 AM....something I very seldom do.

Scott, my son, posted this photo of the pool. They did not come on Thursday as we expected but will finish up on Tuesday...after we're gone. I must have had a premonition or something. I didn't bring my swim suit.

Here's the photo he posted on facebook.

Isn't it pretty? What an unusual shape.

When we got back from Savannah yesterday, Ginger and Scott fixed dinner. Scott grilled steaks and Ginger fixed some baked zucchini  with cheese and a lot of other stuff on it. Everything was very good. The neighbor-to-be's salad was very good too.

I watched a little TV but took my bath and went to bed at my usual time. 9:00.

Ginger was still here when I got up and she came in and visited some with me before she took off for work.

Leslie went out to the patio when she came in this morning. She had fixed herself a cup of chai. A small  armadillo came along and interested Ginger's dog, Chloe.  She chased it off a couple of times.  I emptied the dishwasher and put away the dishes after I had my bowl of cereal this morning. I have to stay busy.

More later...

I saw this on facebook from a friend of mine and thought it was very appropriate for some I know.

I thought of one of my friends in particular.  She will know who she is.

We went to the market this afternoon and bought snacks for our fishing trip tomorrow. When we got back to the house, they had put the urns on the pool. Here is a photo of it.

This afternoon at 4:40, we are going to see the movie matinee of "Sully".  I  like Tom Hanks. As soon as John gets back from fishing, we will leave. Both Scott and Ginger have had their showers and Leslie is getting ready now. We are waiting for John and he just came in.  Soon we will leave for the movie so I will be back to this later....

The movie was excellent. If it doesn't get an academy award. it  will be a miracle.

We watched some TV and then I went on to bed at 9:00.

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