Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tuesday and Hair Day

This morning I will pick up Bob to go to Independence. I will get my hair done and he will visit with his 92 year old sister, Betty. Afterward, we will eat at Great China.

I slept well last night for the second night in a row. That helps me feel even better.

I want to get my last two Christmas gifts today. That is for the little girls, my great grandchildren. I will buy them each a book. I can't buy for all my grandchildren and great grandchildren on my limited budget but I send Christmas cards and Christmas newsletters to them. I can buy for only those who are local. I wish I had more money so I could give gifts to each of them. I love to Christmas shop.

After I get back toCoffeyville, I will compose the class newsletter for my class of 1953. I have been doing this for about 18 years. There were about 3 others who began doing it. I took it 18 years ago. The class has postage money in their treasury and I donate the envelopes. Some of them are online and I send theirs attached to e-mail. There are 140 of us still living. I have lost track of 26 of them and there are 125 deceased.  I try to keep track of those we lose and e-mail that information to the 70 who are online. The other 70 get that news in the Christmas newsletter.

More later...

I didn't get the gifts after all. I renewed my thyroid med instead and also picked up the cartridge  for the church's copier.

Then I spent the afternoon working on my family newsletter and the Christmas cards. Then I started the class newsletter. I have had two classmates send my a Christmas card with news.

The paper came about 4:35 and I read that. Bob came at 5:15 and we watched the news. There was nothing on TV for Tuesday evening that either of I were interested in watching.

Missy had done better today although she is sleeping more then usual. She is able to get up on the recliner and also the daybed today.

More later...

I forgot Maia's school program tonight. I was supposed to drive to Caney to see it and I forgot. Leslie sent me some photos of the class. Here is one of them. This is the entire class and the crowd that attended.


Then this one shows Maia.

She the brown haired girl..the second row up on the right in the blue dress. She is just right of the little boy in the dark cowboy hat. She is 6 years old.

Then there's this photo from my son and his wife entitled the cat who swallowed the canary. I couldn't tell which was which. :)

After Bob left at 7:00, Missy and I watched most of a movie before I got too tired and sleepy to stay awake anymore. Missy and I went to bed at 9:30. 

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