Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Wednesday Exercises and Bunco

I slept well again last night. Hooray! I feel so much better when I get a good night's sleep.

I will pick up Bob for exercise class this morning and then later we will eat lunch at Sirloin Stockade. I have my free lunch from them for my birthday. I want to use it.

After that, I will go to Bunco at the senior center. Bob will probably go home and take a nap.

It's almost time to pick him up so I will make this short until later.

So more later...

We did the exercise class and then went to lunch at Sirloin Stockade.  Afterward I took him home to Sycamore Landing and went on to Bunco at the senior center. I had a good time and had three Buncos. Unfortunately there was another senior with four. I had a good time though.

I came home and got the mail. I had another Christmas card from a classmate with news for the newsletter. I got that entered and it is up to date so far. I have had three who have responded this early. That's a good sign.

Tomorrow I will strip my bed and do laundry and clean the apartment. That should keep me busy for awhile.

I sent off a package of photos to my son, Scott this afternoon. They are of his children growing up, He has none. He may as well have mine. They will end up with him anyhow eventually. I will spend some time this winter going through my scrapbooks taking out his kids photos and mailing them to him.

More later...

I went out to Walmart and bought groceries but forgot to get the girls' books for Christmas. Darn memory!

Anyhow, when I got back I read the paper. It was bitterly cold and so Bob did not come over. I took my bath and lay on the couch with Missy and watched "Tora Tora Tora", an old movie that was nearly a documentary  about the Pearl Harbor Attack in 1941. I finished it and Missy and I went to bed at 9:30 or so.

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