Monday, January 2, 2017

Monday and A Trip to Jacksonville

I slept fitfully last night. My right shoulder hurt again. I slept mostly on my left side and after I'd been up awhile it got better. It's a repetitive movement problem. I spent all afternoon making up that list on this computer.

I had my cereal and coffee and felt better.  Scott got up and he was all stopped up again too. It's a morning thing with a cold. I fixed him eggs and ham and toast for breakfast and he began to feel better.  He fixed himself some tea and honey and I fixed myself a cup too. The more liquids you drink when you are fighting a cold, the better. It thins out the mucus. I still believe in "feed a cold and starve a fever".

We will go into town later, Scott wants to visit a nice furniture store. He and Ginger want  to buy a sofa table and a lamp for it. She is working again this morning so he will take photos of the ones he likes.  Then she can decide what she wants to buy.

I have decided that when I leave here on Wednesday morning, I will check the large bag and also the carry on. I am bringing home Scott's old Dell computer and will send it to Keith to be reformatted and have Windows 10 installed on it. It has Windows 7 on it now. But it doesn't seem to have the Microsoft platform with Word on it. I want to download the free version of Glary Utilities for it.  It needs a new battery. The one in it is completely discharged.

I will give it to Bob A. His little notebook seems to have lots of problems. He is not too computer savvy so a regular Dell laptop will probably be better for him.  That computer bag is all I want to carry on the plane. I can stick it under the seat. Checking both bags will cost me $50. but I simply cannot carry that carry on as well as the computer bag with two computers in it .  It was all I could do when I came up here. My right arm is bothering me again now too. On the way up in Charlotte, they told me they would check the carry on complimentary and I took them up on it. I put the computer bag under the seat in front of me with my purse.

This trip my plane takes off at 6:05 on Wednesday so Scott will have to take me down to Jacksonville at 4:30 to be sure I can get through security in time for the plane. My flight there is number 346.  This time I go to Dallas and get in there at 7:54 and have a 51 minute layover in Dallas and then leave on flight 2197 at 8:45 and on to Tulsa and land there at 9:48.  All this is on American Airlines and Leslie will pick me up there at the airport.

More later..

We went to Jacksonville this morning and went to the Furniture Mart to look for a sofa table. We have some print outs of the one that would match their coffee table.  We also got a print out of the end tables.  After that, we walked around and looked at clothing and Scott bought some for himself and also some for Ginger. We ate at a nice Mexican Restaurant and brought some stuff back for Ginger.  She won't be back from work for a couple of hours.  I won't be eating again this evening. I am stuffed and it is almost 2:00.

I will look for a nice place to sit to read my Kindle.

More even later...

Scott drew a warm bath for Ginger and I fixed her a bowl of hot soup. We had planned to cook dinner but had no idea when she would be home since she had such a long day.  It was an horrendous day too. Lots of catastrophes.

We watched Secretariat on the movie channel on TV. I had seen it years ago but it was new to me this many years later.

I went to bed before 9:00. I was so tired from all that walking.

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