Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tuesday and Hair Day

My hair looks terrible today. Between the wind and the fever, it really is a mess. Since I was sick, I didn't wash it myself Saturday evening. I will pick up Bob at 8:20 and take him to see his sister, Betty, in Independence while I get my hair done. Afterward I will pick him up and we will go to Walmart there. I want to get a bird feeder and start feeding the birds again. While there, he bought me one similar to the one that broke earlier. He said it was an early Mother's Day gift. I told him I was not his Mother. Lol. I will hang it on the hook by the drive and hang the other one by the kitchen window so I can watch it.

We then went to eat at Great China. We both had  lemon chicken  and as always, it was great. I brought half of mine home to Marilyn. They always serve way too much!

While I was preparing the feeder, I saw a lovely Baltimore Oriole drinking at the hummingbird feeder and grabbed my camera and took it's photo.

I will try to get it downloaded and post it here.

Darn! You can barely see him.  The screen is in the way and I was not close enough to get a really good shot of him. Here's what he looked like.

Great looking bird! They love to eat from the hummingbird feeders.

This afternoon I feel fine but I still have that occasional cough. I don't cough too often and it is loose.  I just have a small bit of that cough syrup left and I want to save it for tonight.

I took a new photo of the front of my apartment  building where I have potted plants. They are looking pretty good.
It's supposed to rain this evening, tomorrow and Thursday so I may move them under the carport. They got way too much rain last time we had rains last week and are still soaked.

Then in the mail, I got this from Scott and Ginger for Mother's Day.

How neat! And how original! It will take me a month to run out of coffee.

It's wooden box full of a huge selection of coffees for my Keurig. What a great gift! I am sending the kids a "thank you" card. That lid slides over the box. Each pod says "Best Mom Ever".

Bob came over at 5:15 and we watched some TV.

When he left at 7:00 I got myself ready for bed and finally Missy and I went to bed at 9:30.


Sister--Three said...

That is an awesome gift. So often gifts are not useful.

I am jea
Out of your bird. I have had a few Baltimore Orioles but none this tear.

Sister--Three said...



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