Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday and Possible Exercises

I woke up at 3:45 to the sound of a violent thunderstorm. Finally, shortly after 4:00 I just got up. I went out and pulled my car further into the carport. Missy had crawled under my jewelry armoire.  The thunder and noise frightens her.  She seems to be alright now though..since the storm has abated.

After I got dressed, I came in to this desktop computer to check my bank account.  The desktop computer was down and I had to do a cold start up to get it up.  It seems to be working alright though. I will check the laptop out later. The small laptop I keep my Quicken on seems to still be up.

I may go to exercise class if the weather clears up...otherwise, I will just stay home. The rain stopped at least temporarily so I plan on exercise class. I've missed all week.

For lunch, we will have the leftover meatloaf and potatoes with a different veggie. I still have Bob's coleslaw in the frig.  We will have that too.

More later...

I have taken Missy outside for awhile. I had to convince her to leave a small toad alone. I took her little rug out with us and she finally laid down on it. We were out there for thirty minutes.

When we came back in I realized I needed to go to the bank for money for the week. I made a quick run over there and withdrew what I would need.  I got back home just in time for Bob to come pick me up and we went to exercise class.

Howard and Judy were there and Howard wanted to pick up his DVD and book right away. I had intended to go to Utopia but instead Bob brought me home and I was here when Howard came for his book and DVD.

We will have lunch in about an hour.

We had our lunch and then I took the rest over to Marilyn. I laid down with Missy and watched TV for awhile after that and took a short nap.

Leslie called to ask me to do the funeral for Isabell. She died on Thursday morning at the nursing home in Parsons. Leslie said she would assist so I agreed.  I spent the rest of the afternoon working on the funeral sermon and the order of service. Then I sent that order of service to Leslie by e-mail.  Later the funeral home wanted a copy too so I e-mailed it to them. Leslie and I will meet with her family this afternoon at 1:00 at the church to get some of their input. The funeral is Monday at 2:00 in Parsons.

I will go out to John and Leslie's today and take her birthday gift and card to her. She is 60 today. It doesn't seem possible.

Bob came over at 5:15 and stayed until 7:30. The neighbors were celebrating Rick's 52nd birthday and Carmen wanted us to come over for cake and to sing happy birthday to Rick. Jim and Evelyn, their next door neighbors on the other side came too. I came back home and got that half gallon of ice cream I had bought at Brahms and took that over. I also took him a card. We did that and then Bob went home.  I took my bath and went to bed...exhausted at 9:00.

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