Saturday, July 1, 2017

Saturday and Breakfast Out

I slept poorly last night. I had that funeral on my mind. And before I even went to bed at 9:00, some of the neighbors began setting off fireworks and it was very loud. It was only the 30th of June so I called the police. They said they would send a squad car out to get it stopped. It soon quieted down. It is illegal to set off noisy fireworks before the 1st of July. The 1st is early enough. It should just be legal on the 4th.

More later...Missy is waiting for her breakfast.

Well, I fed Missy and then took her outside for awhile while I was waiting for Bob to come pick me up for breakfast.  Eggberts' breakfasts have gone up. Their .99 senior coffee is now $1.29. I can't believe they charge $1.29 for a cup of coffee. From now on I will just order water.  I have coffee at home. I paid $9.05 for breakfast...a sausage and cheese omelet and coffee.

We will not have lunch today after such a big breakfast. Bob said he would just have a bowl of cereal if he got hungry.

I will meet Leslie at church at 1:00. Isabell's daughters and perhaps even her son will meet us there and I can get some family input from them. I have known Isabell for around 40 years so I won't need much. But they may want me to mention a few things about Isabell. They did that when I did George's funeral a year or so ago.

More later...

We had our meeting and I did some revision on the funeral sermon. I spent the next two hours working on it. Leslie met us out there. She is very busy today. This is her birthday. She is 60.

I dropped by Karan's on my way home from church and saw that she was doing well.  She took one pain pill this morning and will take one this afternoon before bedtime.  She has ice on her knee and is working on her jigsaw puzzle. She also got her new refrigerator today and it is very nice.  She has a great attitude and I believe attitude is 90% of healing.

I will go out to Leslie's this evening around 5:00 for her birthday. 

More later...

I did go out to Leslie's at 5:00 and learned that she had invited four other couples to come too. She had made brownies and homemade ice cream. It was wonderful. I had a nice visit with Leslie's friends too and got home about 9:00. I took my bath and decided to try to stay up a little later and try to wind down before going to bed. I will try to make in until 10:00. 


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

You had breakfast out and in contrast this morning I got a text at 7 from the DIL asking if I was up and moving around.

( THAT EARLY IS SCARY...IS SOMETHING WRONG IS MY FIRST THOUGHT since it was not a school or work day )

In the end, son and DIL just wanted to go to the gym together so I hurried up and showered and dressed and went down there and made pancakes, sausage, and scrambled eggs for the kids and them when they returned from the gym later. AND the dog got a pancake as well lol.

Talk about pricing, Margie! I usually buy toilet paper at the local Dollar General. 5.00 Priced the same thing at the grocery store. 8.49. Crazy! We really have to watch!

Pasta sauce...recall how packaging shrunk over the last few years ? ( cereal, cakes etc.? ) I just noticed that my latest spag. sauce purchase looked smaller. Sure enough, it went down another ounce.

Margie's Musings said...

Instead of raising the price. They cut the volume. Disgusting, isn't it? Sometimes they do both.