Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tuesday and Hair Appointment

I slept well last night and only woke up once at 2:00 AM. I took my med and got right back to bed and back to sleep.

I got up shortly after 5:00 AM and stripped my bed to wash my sheets.  They are in the dryer now.

I got Missy's breakfast and my own. 

I took Missy out on the carport at 6:30 and she was very good. She just laid on "her" rug and was good.  I watered my front flowers...the ones that are in  flowerpots. We just came back in so she could get a drink of water. She wants to go back out right now but I want to watch the news now. She will have to be patient.

I will pick up Bob about 8:20 and we will go to  Independence so I can get my hair done and if Juanita has her bank statement, I may balance her checkbook too. I haven't heard from her yet though. After Great China opens at 11:00, we will eat lunch there. Tomorrow he has a dinner (lunch) at Sycamore Landing so I won't be cooking again until Thursday.  On Thursday we will have hamburger pie.

More later...

I got my bed stripped, the bedding washed and dried and the bed remade.  That's about all I got done this morning since I took Missy out for awhile.  But that's a beginning. This afternoon I will wash the floors in the bathroom and kitchen.   Thursday, I will vacuum.

So more later....

After I got to Independence I called Juanita and she had received her back statement. I took Bob out to his sister's home to visit with her and I went to get my hair done and later went out to Juanita's home and balanced the checkbook. Then Bob and I had lunch at Great China.  We then came back to Coffeyville and I took Bob to his home. He will take a nap, I am sure and in all probability, I will too. Missy will like that.

More even later...

I laid down with Missy and fell asleep and took a nap. Soon after I got up Bob came over and stayed until 7:00. When he went home I watered the flowers on the east side and then took my bath and laid down again on the sofa with Missy. I still couldn't keep my eyes open. I did watch PBS where they had "American Experience". They had a program on the Summer of Love in San Fransisco in the 60's.

I went to bed at 9:30. 

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