Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tuesday and A Trip to Independence

I slept like a baby last night. I didn't get up until 5:00. It was so good to feel better about the entire Living the Question group situation.

I have dressed and fed Missy and myself. I think it rained last night. It's still dark out so I can't really tell yet.

One thing I forgot to mention in yesterday's blog was that my old friend, Elnora, called while I was getting my gas at South Coffeyville.  Elnora lives in Denver. Last month she lost her youngest son, Brandon. He had a stroke and died in his bed. She found him in the morning. He was only about 50.  She is having his funeral on Saturday, October 28th, at a country church over at Edna, Kansas, just east of Coffeyville. She wanted me to know. She will put his obit in the Journal a week before the services. I advised her to tell her Tulsa Oklahoma friends and family to come north on highway 75 and to take highway 166 east through Coffeyville to Edna. That way they will avoid all that terrible construction on highway 169.

And since that is a country church, I advised her to put some signs on the corner where they should turn to find that church over at Edna since it's located on a gravel road. It was good to hear from her again. After my Bob died in 2010, she came and stayed with me for a week. We have known one another since we were children.  I will put a notice in our church bulletin and on the bulletin board and have it announced at church. There are not a lot of us left who knew them. But I will try anyhow. 

I will pick up Bob this morning at 8:20 to go to Independence  where he will visit with his 92 year old sister, Betty, and I will get my hair done and then go over to Juanita's to balance her check book. After that, we will eat at Big Cheese.

Juanita called yesterday too to say she had finally received her bank statement. I told her I would be there today to balance her checkbook. Yesterday was quite a day! Hopefully today will be quieter.

More later...

We went to Independence and I took Bob to his sisters and then went on to my appointment. Afterward I went to help Juanita with her checkbook. That turned out well. After that, I went to pick up Bob and we went to lunch at Big Cheese. We always enjoy that.

Then we came back to Coffeyville and I took Bob home.  I read my book most of the afternoon. 

I was working on my computer and got hacked. I got a message from my Avast that I had been hacked too and had a virus called Zeus.  I called the help number and got a guy who told me all four computers were hacked through my router and that he worked for Microsoft.  He walked me through a number of steps and finally told me I would have to pay $450. to get the computer cleaned up. That was when I realized he was the hacker. I told him I had no money and was waiting for my social security to come in so I could even pay next month's rent.  Then he suggested $350. I told him I said I had no money until October and even then would not have the money to pay anything for a "fix".  He told me he could not help me then. He said if I turned off all the computers, he could not guarantee that everything would not be gone when I rebooted. I turned off the computers anyhow and then I called Cox.

I explained all that to the service rep I got at Cox and he said I was correct,  The guy I was talking to was the hacker and I was wise not to give him any money. He said only the desktop was infected and he could fix that. The other three computers were not affected. He said his own mother had succumbed to the hack and paid out $450 to him. He asked her why she didn't call him. Then he downloaded a program on my desktop computer to get the virus' cleaned up. I went in to the laptop and finished what I was doing. Soon he called me back and said everything was clean now.  I was very happy.

At 6:30, I took my bath and got ready to watch the next episode of "Vietnam War".

Missy and I will probably go to bed again at 9:00 when that program is over. Bob had a "Meet and Greet" at Sycamore Landing where he lives. He won't be over this evening.


Sister--Three said...

I just could not watch Vietnam. To close to my heart.
Nothing to watch on tv.

You hacked the hacker, Margie!!' Lol

Margie's Musings said...

I read the Pulitzer Prize winning book "Long Time Passing" years ago about the Vietnam War. Now I am reading it again. My children were young in the60;s and 70's and I missed most of the news of the war. The Lt. Calley massacre at My Lai got my attention back then.

I think it's very important for the public to know what's going on with politics and in the war in order to vote intelligently.