Saturday, December 23, 2017

Saturday and Breakfast at Eggberts

I slept pretty well last night. I only woke up once. Then I got right back to sleep. Missy got up in the night and accidentally wet on her clean bathmat. I put it in the washer and put the other one under her litter box after I cleaned up the mess. That cat! She is old too.

Bob will be by shortly before 7:00 and we will go to breakfast out this morning. Sometime tomorrow afternoon I will bake my banana nut bread for when the family comes. They are to be here at 4:00. I'd better get dressed and ready for the day now. It is almost 5:00 AM. The bank deposit from Keith and Esther finally made it last night in the night. Now I will pay my car insurance and apartment insurance right after Christmas.

More later...

I ended up driving. Bob had ice on his windows so I drove. We had a good breakfast and we both had omelets.

When I got home, I cleaned the apartment.  I mopped the floors in the bathroom and kitchen and vacuumed the carpets. Now I am tired. It's only 10:30 and on Saturday I don't cook. I do have chili leftover from Friday so if we get hungry, I can warm that up.

I checked Leslie's facebook page and found the puppies sleeping soundly.

Image may contain: dog and indoor

They are out in the potting shed now and it;s warmed with a small radiator.

Leslie called to see if I needed anything for tomorrow afternoon when we have treats and open our gifts.  She is going to bring her hot cider.   We can use that. I also have flavored popcorn, a few peanut clusters, and some cookies. I will fix banana nut bread too.

I watched an old movie "Dirty Dancing"  on Amazon Prime this afternoon instead of taking a nap. 

Bob came over to watch the news about 5:30 and stayed until about 6:30. Then he went home and I took my bath and came in here to work on this blog.  There is really nothing on TV. 


Donna Wood said...

Isn't it amazing, with all the viewing choices we have, how hard it is to find something worth watching? Cliff and I often find ourselves watching older movies from the 30's and 40's on Turner Classics. I have DVD's of It's a Wonderful Life (my favorite movie of all time) and one of A Christmas Story. We'll probably watch those today.

We do watch a lot of RFD TV, and Cliff likes football. I read a lot.

Margie's Musings said...

I watch The Christmas Carol every year.It's one of my favorite Christmas movies. I cancelled my cable last month. The offerings are just horrible. I get the CBS news with my antenna that is in the attic. The Tivo my son set up for me gets a number of movies and TV shows. Now I even have Amazon Prime music. I sure don't miss all the violence I found on TV. I prefer to be entertained but even the present comedy is terrible and not funny.