Thursday, December 28, 2017

Thursday and Another Trip to Independence

I slept really well again last night. I was back in my old bed again. As I work on this blog, Missy is lying here behind me on the daybed.

Juanita called day before yesterday to tell me she had her bank statement. I will go back to Independence this morning and balance her checkbook. When I get back home, Bob and I will have lunch at El Pueblo. We ate most of the roast I fixed yesterday and I sent what little was left home with him for his supper.

I will do some bare floor cleaning this morning and do the carpet vacuuming this afternoon after lunch. Thursday is my cleaning day.

We will have goulash and green beans for lunch tomorrow. I still have Bob's jello salad in my frig.

I'd better get to that cleaning now. So...more later...

I got the floors washed but never did get the vacuuming done. 

I had the Cox tech work to get my games going better again. All I play is Freecell but after that last Windows 10 update, it barely worked at all. I also had him check out the notebook and take off the need for a password to get it loaded again after it goes to sleep. The tech needs to be able to get into it to tune it up every week. When he tried, it was needing a password to wake up. I was not home at the time for the weekly checkup so it didn't get it. He fixed it so it sleeps alright but wakes up with the touch of a key.

That made me late to get up to Independence to get Juanita's checkbook balanced. It balanced just fine. She wanted me to take a check she got for Christmas to the bank and get it cashed. They didn't want to do that even though she had endorsed the check. I convinced them that she couldn't get out in that terrible cold weather since she's nearly completely blind and 96 years old.  I endorsed the check under her name and the cashier put a notation under that to explain the transaction. I took Juanita's  money back to her then. Then she gave me a bag of cookies to take home. 

She is terrible lonely. She is there by herself every day and is getting more and more blind all the time. This morning she couldn't even make out the thermostat to turn up her heat.  We talked about her options. She doesn't have many. She could let her son come back from Chicago and take her back with him but she doesn't want to live with him and his wife. She loves him dearly but really doesn't "like" him. He is a dictator to his family and she doesn't want to lose what control she has over her own life. Then she could go to a nursing home but that is just as abhorrent to her as it is to me. What she really wants is for me to come live with her. I just can't do that.

When I got back home, I picked up Bob and we went out to El Pueblo for lunch. He insisted on buying my lunch.  That was good of him. I gave him the bag of cookies.

I am making goulash for lunch tomorrow and we will have green beans with it and garlic toast. I have Bob's orange jello with oranges salad.

I have to stay home tomorrow to wait for the UPS man to come so I will vacuum then. I am sending back the "smart" light bulbs I was going to use with Alexa, my Echo that John and Leslie gave me for Christmas. However as hard as I tried to figure out the app, I just couldn't make it work. It wanted my e-mail address or my phone number and my password.  I tried both my e-mail address and my cell phone number and the password I use for Amazon but nothing worked so I just gave up and got permission to send the bulbs back.  They were too expensive anyhow. 

I use Alexa for music and the weather and the time mostly.  I have asked about the time for the Ohio State game tomorrow evening but it is being carried on ESPN and I don't get ESPN on my TV...I didn't get it when I had cable either. It was an "extra".  Ginger wants me to go out to John and Leslie's to watch it. That would mean driving after dark when the deer are out.  I don't know.

Bob came over after 5:00 to watch the news. He had fallen asleep so was a little later then usual. He watched the news and then went home a little earlier. I was yawning a lot. It was a long day.  

I have taken my bath and Missy and I will go to bed at 9:00. 


susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

You probably already know about Rehabilitation Services for the Blind, through the Missouri Department of Social Services, but just in case you didn't, I thought I'd mention their services, they might be able to offer some help for your friend. They have Rehabilitation Teachers who can visit blind (or very low vision) people at home and provide and help them with products for people who are blind and also skills for living. There may be a thermostat with very large numbers available through them, that your friend would be able to see. It may be worthwhile to call their offices for information. I hope they can help your friend.

Have a Happy New Year!

Susie D.

Margie's Musings said...

Juanita lives in Independence, Kansas, Susie, and they do not have such a service. But thanks for thinking of her!

pat m said...

what about assisted living...she would have her own apartment but wouldn't be if she is the widow of a vet who served in wartime she can qualify for a pension...I'm a vet who and I get 1830$ a month...non taxable.

pat m said...

search vet pension..aid and attendance

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks for all the information, gals. I will check into that.