Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sunday and Church

I slept later than usual. I guess all that lost sleep finally just caught up with me. I made my coffeecake and fed Missy and myself. Bob was going to be in the hospital until Dr. Christensen came in to release him. Denise came in to take him home. I had already gone to pick up Phyllis for church.

We did go on up to "Just Us" for lunch and there was Bob and Denise for lunch.

Then after I got home I started transcribing my notes for the business meeting. I then stopped and went on to the Martin Luther King service.  When I got home from that, I finished the minutes and put them on a flash drive and later after Bob came, I used my old printer to print them off.  I am amazed it will still work. It has to translate the 2018 Word to 2006 Word before it will print.

More later...

I was still working on the minutes when Bob came to watch 60 Minutes. He stayed until 7:30 and was so tired he went home early. He has sleep to catch up on too. 

I will probably take my bath and get myself ready for bed and lay down with Missy and watch some TV or perhaps a movie like I did last night before Missy and I went on to bed.

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