Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tuesday and Very Cold Weather

I slept well until 4:00 and then got up to go to the bathroom and take my thyroid med. After I got back to bed Missy got down and went to the bathroom. Sure enough, she missed the litter box again and peed on the bathmat under it. I was cleaning that up when I heard her coughing. I looked in the hall and she had vomited there. I got my carpet cleaning product out and cleaned that up. Then I saw another place. I cleaned that up too. She has been eating again so I am watching her carefully. She is acting strange.

I will go up to Independence to get my hair done. That tenth street road is clear. They have sanded it and it gets  lots of traffic to help keep it clear. It's 3 degrees out there this morning. I just took my trash over to the barrel and it is very cold out there.

More later...

 Image may contain: dog
This is one of John and Leslie's Corgi pups. Growing up fast. I took this photo off of facebook.

More even later...

The electricity went off all over the west side of Coffeyville this morning. I decided I would be warmer going on up to Independence in my car and getting my hair done. It was 2 degrees outside. 

I drove slowly going to Independence and had no problems getting around although the streets were solid ice.  If you drive defensively and are careful you can get around in snowy and icy weather.

I called Marilyn R.  on my way home and she told me the electricity was back on in our area. It was a transformer.

 I went over to Country Mart and bought more soup and some peas and my coffee cake mix. Then I came home and fixed the chili we were to have for lunch.

A little later a little after 11:15, Bob came over for lunch.

Tomorrow we will have the tuna noodle casserole and salad.  I have mixed fruit and cookies for dessert.

Bob came back over around 5:00 to see the news and after he left, I took my bath and got ready for bed and then Missy and I laid down on the sofa and watched an Amazon movie.  At 9:00 we went on to bed.

Missy just eats too fast sometimes and that's why she sometimes, though rarely, coughs up her food.
It has happened about three or four times over the years.


pat m said...

maybe she needs to see the vet?

Margie's Musings said...


pat m said...

there may be a reason why she's missing the kitty litter...animals as are like people they need yearly exams...plus if I couldn't wait to get to the toilet I would see a doctor

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