Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Wednesday and Exercise Class and then a Doctor's Appointment

I slept well last night. Missy and I got up about 5:30 and I got myself dressed and ready for the day and fed myself and Missy.

Bob will pick me up for exercise class this morning around 8:45.  Afterward, he and Joanne will leave for Bartlesville and I will pick up Karan to go to Bartlesville too. I have an appointment at 1:30 with Dr. Eslicker, my dermatologist.  But before that, Karan and I will eat at McCalister's.  At 10:00 we will shop the sales at Christopher and Banks as soon as they open. There will probably be nothing left in my size. Joplin had nothing I wanted and they are a much larger store.  But we will look anyhow.

On my way home, I want to stop at Peck's and buy some hamburger patties. The last time I stopped there, they were closed for lunch.

It supposed to be a relatively warm day with temperatures around 57 degrees and then later in the week we are to have some colder weather and perhaps some rain or light snow. By Friday, it is to be down to 31 degrees. I wish the weather would stabilize and be one thing or the other. 

I have a dental appointment tomorrow at 9:00. It's been awhile. The last time I had an appointment, I had to cancel.  

I got my social security today with my huge $2.00 a month raise.  The cost of living continues to go up but we seldom get a cost of living raise. That's because Congress has raided money from the social security "trust fund" to pay for war.  They say it's running out of funds because people are living longer now but that's stupid. If we consider the millions of folks who die before they collect a penny after having paid into it all their working lives as well as their employers contributions, there should be plenty. I paid into the fund and so did my employers for fifty years and yet when Bob died, I lost mine and only get his. So they should be money ahead. Congress needs to stop raiding the fund.

Gripe finished!

This sounds interesting!

"Five hundred years after the Reformation of 1517, Christianity is once again in crisis. In failing to adapt to advances in our thinking and spiritual perspectives, it has clung to outdated concepts and has tenaciously defended dogmas formed before major advances in human thought had occurred. For John Shelby Spong, the creeds have become simply unbelievable. In this, his final book, Spong outlines twelve “theses” to help today’s believers contemplate and reshape their faith at a far deeper level.

“If you choose just one book of John Shelby Spong’s, then choose Unbelievable…. Here is something different that asks us to think deeply, ‘live fully, love wastefully, and be all that we can be.’”

I may buy that book.  I am obviously a progressive.

I picked up Karan at 10:00 right after exercise class. We went to the mall first and Karan bought several things. I bought a top...on sale.

We went on to McCalister's and had a very good lunch.

Then we went to TJ Maxx and I found a coat for the cruise. It was on sale for $49.95.  Karan bought some three pound weights for the exercise class.

The  went on to the doctor's office. he said he found a pre-cancerous growth in my left ear and shot it with a freeze. I personally did not see a thing there but then it was my left ear. I have no eyes near the ear. :)

Then we went to the furniture store and to Walmart. Karan is looking for a game table for her living room. She does jigsaw puzzles all winter and wants a table she can leave up year around. She found a large selection of Jigsaw puzzles at Walmart and bought several.

Then we stopped on our way out of town and I bought hamburger patties so Bob and I will have hamburgers and french fries on Friday.

When I got home I swept up some more leaves and took my purchases into the house. 

Bob came over at 5:00 and stayed for the news. He left just after 6:00 and I took my bath and put my PJs on and tried to find something to watch on Amazon. Most of that was violence so Missy and I went to bed at 8:30. 


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

What a busy day and sounds like you got a nice bargain or two ! :)

Margie's Musings said...

I did, Deb. I didn't own a nice coat. Only a jacket or two and a long denim coat....nothing dressy.

Margie's Musings said...

I had a late night catastrophe. My desktop computer crashed and I saved all My Documents on my exterior back up. Then spent until 11:00 or after trying to get it reset. After finally getting it done, it crashed again. The tech said it was probably the hard drive going out on it. We finally gave up. I lost all my e-mail addresses. I went on to bed. I was exhausted.