Friday, April 20, 2018

Friday and a Friend's Funeral

This morning at 10:00 is my friend Bill's funeral. I will pick up Bob and we will attend. Leslie said last evening that Melissa, one of our other pastors, had offered to help so she asked me if I would like to have Melissa read the obit. I thought that was a good idea. I wasn't sure I could keep it together.

I had trouble sleeping last night. My knee itched and burned. Missy also was restless.

When I got up at 4:45, I found some anti-itch cream and applied some of that.  That helped. some.

I took the second antibiotic with my blood pressure pill after I ate my oatmeal.  I hope it works.

I will pick up Bob at 9:15. I want to get there in time to park and get into seating without having to rush.

I have fed myself and Missy already.

I started to shred some documents this morning and the "on"side of the switch for my shredder has broken. It still reverses but does not run forward to shred. Bummer! It was quite expensive. I have had it for several years though. I will have to buy a new one. I shred everything to avoid any problem with my personal information.

More later...

I picked up Bob at 9:15 and we drove up to the funeral. It was awesome. After my daughter, Leslie, and Melissa did their part which was really awesome on their own, .Bill's daughter, Wilma and her mother, Carol, Bill's wife, shared what they felt about Bill and his journey with them.  The funeral home was full. The entire service was awesome. Karan and Bob and Leeann and I ate at Big Cheese afterward. We intended to eat at the church but we walked over there and noticed they only had four tables set up  and the family would have filled those so we went on to Big Cheese.

Then we drove home.

I went out to Walmart to buy an ink cartridge and then on to Braums to buy milk and some Butter Brickel ice cream. That's what I ate for supper...a bowl of ice cream.

Then Missy and I watched another episode of World War 2 and at 9:30, we went on to bed.

Another exhausting day.

Tomorrow I will go to the Mission Center gathering at Joplin.

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Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

My BIL's mom died yesterday morning...her back yard is adjacent to mine in our neighborhood. He and I were over there the night before calling an ambulance..she'd had a fall / stroke.

Your friend, her, Barbara Bush... just a weekend of sadness :( Sorry for your loss