Thursday, July 19, 2018

Thursday and a Dental Appointment

Yesterday was so busy I forgot to blog. I went to exercise class at 8:45AM and after that met Gay at her class reunion meeting for lunch and immediately after that went to Asbury Village for Bunco. After that I just rested until time to watch the news. I later turned to Amazon Prime and watched "Cheers" until 9:00 when Missy and I went to bed.

I woke up again at 3:30AM but managed to get back to sleep until 4:45AM when I just got up.

I got myself ready for the day and fed Missy and myself.

Then I went through my decorated photo albums looking for one to show Nancy. I wish now I had not sold my scrap booking stuff.  For one thing, I sold it all way too cheap. Now I would like to begin again but I don't know anyone still selling the materials....albums and tools. I can get the stickers at Walmart.

I have an 11:00 dental appointment  this morning..mostly for a prophie.

It's only 7:25AM now so I have plenty of time. I was thinking of taking Missy outside but she doesn't seem interested.

More later....

Betty came by awhile ago to show Mary, the recipient of the trust Betty is trustee for, the apartment next door. I visited with her awhile and we talked to Merrill about her buying his antenna and pole from his house for me. Ever since the hot weather hit, I have been having a problem getting any reception on the one she put in the attic. I don't know whether she has convinced him or not. She really wants him to attach it to my roof. I don't know if he is interested in doing that or not....especially in this heat. I am not sure if I would get any better reception with it then the one in the attic. Hard to say for sure. The one in the attic worked for channel 6 (CBS) until this heat wave hit.

More later....

After I had my lunch, I went up to Dr. Barta's and bought Missy's flea and tick meds and when I got home I put it on her.  Now, she's sleeping.

When I checked out the amount online, I saw that they had added $2.00 because I used my debit card.  They did not tell me about that new charge and when I saw it online on my account, I called them and told them I did not appreciate that and after 15 years with Missy as their patient, I was going to stop going up there to their vet. The woman I was speaking with told me she would take the charge off if I would just send them a check. I have written the check and have put it out on the mailbox for the mailman to pick up. No one else I do business with changes for using a debit card. If they begin doing that, I will just write checks or pay cash.

It's 96 here so far this afternoon.  I went out to get the newspaper and found it to be very hot. The humidity is up and that only makes it worse.

More even later...

Marilyn came over a couple of hours ago. She had been scammed again. I got a hold of the Cox Complete Care folks and they went through her computer and cleaned it up. I told her not to take any more of those cases. The man she talked to said the previous scammer was out of business and he would get her money back that she lost in March. After she figured out he was just another scammer, she called her bank and stopped any transactions on her bank account and cancelled her card. They will now send her another new card. 

It's 7:00 an I have had my bath and eaten my yogurt and now the temperature is 102. It seems much hotter because it's so humid. Now I guess I will go lay down with Missy and watch TV on Amazon Prime. At 9:00, we will both go to bed.


Sister--Three said...

Scammers everywhere. The folks begging by the interstate are scammers too.
One woman here sits with a sign and then goes and sleeps in the motel by
The interstate at 80 Dollars a night. She smokes all day and is on her smart
Phone all day. Rip offs everywhere. It is hot here too!

Margie's Musings said...

That's a tragedy, isn't it?