Sunday, October 28, 2018

Sunday and Back from Conference

Leslie picked me up about 9:30AM on Friday morning. She already had Karan. We drove over to Joplin first of all and had lunch at Olive Garden. Then we drove on to Springfield. We went to our hotel and checked in and hung up our clothes. We were to meet a group of twelve for supper at 6:30PM so we had a while to kill some time. We went to Bass Pro there and walked all over the place. Leslie bought some things. I took some photos. Later we watched the news at the hotel until time to go to supper.

We ate at a Japanese restaurant there. The Mission Center bought our supper. They served way too much food. None of us were able to eat it all. Karan and I took our leftovers back to the hotel and Leslie had a freezer bag and she put ice in that so we could take those containers home with us on Sunday afternoon. I was not impressed with Japanese food at all...but that's just me.

We went to bed at 10:00PM or so and had a bad time getting to sleep. Both Karan and I snored some after we finally did get to sleep. I don't know how Leslie slept at all. The room was too hot and finally Leslie got up and turned on the air conditioning or we likely would not have been able to sleep at all.

Saturday morning we ate breakfast at the hotel. It was provided. Then we went on to the church for the Conference. The worship service was very good. Barbara Carter spoke and had a very good sermon. The rest of the conference was long...very long. They had a catered lunch...something else I wasn't impressed with. The business meeting was in the afternoon. That drug on way too long.

However, we were both elected as delegates at the Spring International Conference. That one is held at Independence, Missouri, our church headquarters. It is in April. We have one every three years.

When we got home Missy had her supper and then she vomited it all up all on my clean living room carpet. I had just paid $60.00 to have it cleaned last week. This morning I gave her soft cat food. She doesn't have enough teeth to eat that hard stuff anymore and she then sometimes loses it. That place last night was about the size of a dinner plate. I cleaned it up and washed it with Resolve carpet cleaner. After that, we watched some Amazon Prime TV until bedtime. I went to bed at 10:00PM and she soon joined me. I woke up at midnight to the noise of my new neighbor banging on something. Then someone there took a shower. It was way after midnight when I finally got to sleep. And I am the speaker at church this morning.

I'd better get my breakfast.  Missy has had hers.

More later...

When I came in last night, I noticed the storm door latch was broken and would not open again after it was closed. I got my butcher knife out this morning and pried it open and then put a piece of shipping tape over it. Now it won't latch shut on me. I had texted my landlady, Betty, about it and she called me back this morning. I had tried my key in the back door but it would not work there. Finally, at her suggestion, I tried my front door in the living room. That one had begun to pop open on a windy day as far as the chain last winter and Emmett put a special emergency latch on it so that would not happen again. After Betty called I unlatched that special latch and tried the key in the doorknob and it did eventually turn. I will leave it unlatched but locked for an emergency door until after Emmett's surgery. Betty told me he accidentally shot himself in the leg with a nail gun and will have surgery to remove the nail on Wednesday. I told her there was no big rush now that I had another door I could use if I had to.That must have been very painful!

Marilyn saw me out messing with the door and suggested I grind Missy's good food with my pecan grinder and me it smaller so she could get it down. That was a good suggestion so I did that. I will see if she can eat it that way.

Phyllis is driving this morning and she will be here in about ten minutes. So...more later...

Phyllis came and we drove on to church.

After church she and I went to great China for lunch.

Then this afternoon I mailed a birthday card off to Leeann and did the newsletters and got them in the mail too. 

I took Missy outside a couple of times but she refused to mind me so I picked her up each time and brought her back in.  I took Marilyn's advice and crushed up her Iams cat food in my pecan grinder. I am hoping that will keep her from choking on it. I gave her some of the new soft cat food too. She really likes that.

I did the crossword puzzles in the newspapers and then took the newspapers over to Marilyn. Marilyn's computer needs a tune up so she will bring it over Monday afternoon and I will contact Cox Service to tune it up.

At 7:00PM I took my bath and Missy and I watched 60 Minutes and then turned to Amazon Prime and watched Crime Stories until 9:30PM when we went to bed.


susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Since my little Fuzzy Pomeranian had to have several teeth pulled a while back, I started putting his meal size serving of the hard little kibble food that he likes in a ziplock snack bag and soak it for an hour until it becomes soft, puffy kibbles. He still likes them and he can manage to chew or gum them so they don't make him choke. Before I thought to soak his food, I thought about pulverizing his dry dog food and decided against it, since he sometimes has a little bit of a trachea problem, I was afraid it would be too dusty for him and might make him choke.

When our (it was my daughters present for her 7th birthday) big gray Persian cat got old; he was 17 when he died, he had so many digestive problems and wetting problems. our daughter grew up, moved into her first apartment, and we still had the cat. That cat was so mean to our little Fuzzy Pom when we brought him home. That cat would stay up on a chair or bed and when the little pup got too close, he would try and claw his face. The cat came close to losing his happy home when he badly scratched the puppy right by his eye. But we continued to keep him. Then after a couple of months, the puppy was really becoming a mischief maker. I was sitting in the chair in the living room and watched as Fuzzy walked over to the other chair where the cat was sound asleep on a towel that was on the chair to protect from cat hair. I don't know if Fuzzy knew what he was doing, but he spied the corner of that towel hanging off of the edge of the chair and grabbed it and ran with it. The cat went right down with the towel with a big kerplop onto the floor. Fuzzy kept running through the house with the towel, and the cat was left sitting there on the floor. Momentarily, the ornery old cat shook his head, stood up, and stalked off into the other room. He never scratched at Fuzzy's eyes again.

Margie's Musings said...

What a great story! Thanks for sharing!