Thursday, July 10, 2008

Beautiful Flowers

This top photo is the only tree of any size in our backyard. It was about 15 feet tall when we moved here five years ago. Now it holds our birdhouses and as you can see our bird feeders and birdbath is under it along with a hosta plant and hanging basket of impatients.

We have some really beautiful flowers in our yard this year. Right now we have black eyed susans, crepe myrtle and rose of sharon all blooming at the same time. We are trying to arrange the flower beds so something blooms constantly. To the right here is our bed of black eyed susans that are located behind Bob's shed. We sit out on our patio while it is cool in the morning and drink our coffee and admire our flowers and the birds. Everywhere we have lived we have planted many flowers.

Just to the right here is our medium sized rose of sharon just to the east of the patio. I dug this one out of a friends walk when it was very small. You can see how it's grown in just four years. It doesn't have as many flowers as it had last year but it's early yet. It might just continue to add blossoms. There is another one next to the fence on the west and it was here when we moved here. It was the only flowering bush besides an old forsythia on the east in front.

As you can see, this bottom photo is our larger crepe myrtle bush. There are three altogether in the yard but two have not done too well as yet and are not flowering much yet. They are smaller.

Eventually, we will transplant suckers from the rose of sharon all around the perimeter of the fence so the yard will be alive with flowering shrubs.

I haven't done as much in front. I will show it off later. Right now there are just two hanging baskets and a couple of potted geraniums and some inpatients in a small bed. I did not plant the border of portulaca (moss rose) that I usually have this year. I just never got around to it.

I intend to plant more bulbs this fall. Right now in the bulb bed, I have tulips and jonquils, tiger lilies and iris. I want to add more day lilies.

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