Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pictures of Leslie's House and Ours

John and Leslie went to the Nascar races in Kansas City this weekend so Bob and I went out to their place and took some more pictures for the 11th week of the building project. They are roofing now. It is coming right along. I still think it will take 26 weeks to complete.

We started the day going to eat breakfast out but the minute we walked into the restaurant, Bob started complaining about the noise so I suggested we just come back home and I cooked him breakfast instead.

Later I washed the car and cleaned it all up on the inside. Then in the middle of that project, our brother-in-law and my sister came over to get some material for his sermon next Sunday. After I downloaded and printed the sermon suggestions, they stayed for awhile and we visited.

After lunch, Bob and I went to Arby's and bought each of us a milk shake. It was very good. When I got home, I finished the car and brought out my decorations for fall for the yard. This evening we went to the Tavern on the Plaza and had dinner. We just got home and took our showers and are going to watch TV if there's anything on TV this evening.

The photo below is our son-in-law's Outpost...a hobby he is developing.He will sell fishing equipment and fishing related decorative accessories.

The photo above is our son-in-law and daughter's new home at the
11th week of construction. I will have to buy some more photo paper to print them off for their scrapbook album. I'll do that on Monday.

Tomorrow is filled with activity. I preach tomorrow. After church I will fix a dish for a covered dish dinner for the PINCH (People for Institutional and Community Harmony) organization. They are having a pot luck dinner at the youth activity center at 2:00. Last year we had 15 churches involved and 115 people came. We don't know what to expect this year but we have rented a larger hall for it...just in case we need it.

I decorated the front of our home for October. I won't be here next
weekend to do it. I had a scarecrow that I hung on the right side of the garage door and a fall pumpkin standup decoration that I stood by the potted plants just right of the drive and I hung a decoration of pumpkins next to the front door and put a fall flag on my little garden flag holder.

The flowering crab tree is full of little crab apples and everything looks ready for fall. There are leaves from the tree all over the lawn. Bob will mow on Monday.

2 comments: TN said...

Hi Margie, everything is looking nice. Fall is upon us. I dread winter for some reason. I guess it's because my DH won't stick his head outside if it gets below 40 degrees. That makes for a long winter. I can snuggle down and knit and read, but that doesn't make him too happy either.

Margie's Musings said...

I understand. I don't like winter either. I am a spring and fall person.