Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quiet Day

Well, this is a quiet day and I am ready for one. I took Slinky, the dog, for a walk this morning and then cleaned the kitchen.

I talked on the phone with my friend, Juanita, who just lost her daughter.

Things are difficult for her. Her grand daughter evidently thought her mother's insurance money would go to her and found out just prior to her mother's death that it was going to her grandmother. Since then, she has been very cool to her grandmother. Christi and Juanita had made one another beneficiary of their insurance since they had lived together. Juanita paid all the expenses for the cremation and memorial service. Her grand daughter has no money and has been out of work for months. She is not looking for work even now. Her husband just went to work the week before she returned from Chicago, where she was caring for her mother until she died.

It's strange how money often separates families that way.

I worked a couple of hours on my daughter's new home scrapbook. Now that fall is here, they are able to work on the house six days a week. This is the tenth week. The picture above shows the south side of the house where the garages are located.
This picture shows the east side where the great room is located. The gaping hole is where the fireplace will go. As you can see, they are working on the roof rafters and trying to get it covered before too much later.

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