Thursday, January 8, 2009

Alliance Meeting

Today is our Ministerial Alliance meeting. I need to run off copies of the minutes from the December meeting, a sheet for sign in, and an agenda. We meet at noon so I have some time to get that done. The agenda should have gone to the president on Monday but in all this week's activity, I forgot.

This evening we will go to our daughter's home for a chili dinner. She and I will work on the proposed budget for Sunday's business meeting. I also need to find out if the date for the Mission Center group will work.

I still hope to go to Bartlesville again tomorrow and take Bob this time. When I got home from Independence yesterday, he was over to the park with Slinky. Both of them needed the exercise.

Bob's fasting glucose has been 126 and 128 the last couple of days. The exercise makes all the difference. I am so glad it has been nice this week. Monday was the coldest day.

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