Friday, May 22, 2009


We are going to Owasso as soon as Scott comes back from his run this morning. He wants to look for a short sleeved body shirt there. There is a large new shopping center at Owasso.

Other than that, Bob wants to mow again this afternoon. I will probably do some cleaning since I did not clean on Monday as I usually do.

Tomorrow, Scott will go to his class reunion and we will go over to Caney for Mayfest. If he goes with us, he may see a lot of his classmates. Tonight we will watch the video that Scott rented. It is "Valkyrie".

Sunday is church as usual and we may eat out then and in the afternoon nothing is planned for us except just to do my regular notes and rest up. There is no "Living the Questions" this Sunday evening.

Monday we will have Bob's birthday party and afterwards Scott will leave for St. Robert. So Monday morning I will bake my cherry chocolate cake. Leslie is going to make homemade ice cream and we will cook hamburgers out on the grill there.

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