Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday in Independence

I got my hair done this morning and took Cyndi to her physical therapy. She is doing much better. She has been doing everything the doctor told her to do. Her foot is noticeably better.

Then we went to her bank to make a deposit and then went to the medical supply house so she could pick up some elastic stockings with compression.

Then I took her home.

When I got home, Bob had had the desktop computer lock up on him and I had to work with it awhile to get it to work. Then the computer refused to recognize the printer and I had to re-install it. Finally after working with it awhile, I got it to share the printer with the laptop again.

I made my brownies for tonight's meeting at church. In about an hour, I will make the chili and cut up the cheese. Bob and I will go out early to get the tea made.

We will do the quarterly schedule tonight after supper.

Scott and Taresa will be in this evening later. They will stay overnight and go see John and Leslie's new home tomorrow. Then we will all eat out together at the Tavern on the Plaza. They will either leave after that or stay one more night and leave in the morning.

This will be interesting.

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