Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Busy Wednesday

I went to Independence this morning and got my hair done and then met Juanita for breakfast. Her niece died last night...of cancer. She was 70. I don't know when the services will be because there was just a short blurb in the paper this evening. I suppose the longer write up will be in tomorrow's paper. I probably will not attend. I did not know Gloria.

Afterward, I came on home. A friend wanted some garage sale stuff for a non profit sale and so we gave her all our garage sale stuff. We will take the clothing to the Presbyterian church and donate it to their thrift shop.

We just had some soup for dinner. Afterward we went to John and Leslie's for a meeting. Nine showed up...out of 31. Not too good. We will have a special business meeting on the 30th to decide what we can give for support of the Mission Center. When we got home it stormed and hailed. I brought Slinky and Missy in the house. They were scared to death. After it settled down, I let Slinky out again. Missy fought me. She did not want to go back out. So, she will stay in awhile. I'm sure she will have me up in the night to get out.

Sunday afternoon, weather permitting, we will go to a meeting at our campgrounds over by Joplin. After that, there will be a pool party. We will stay for that too.

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