Thursday, September 3, 2009

Raining Again

It started raining again about 4:00 this morning and I got up about 5:30. Slinky wanted in and later on Missy showed up and also wanted in. I fixed the cinnamon toast for Slinky and he ate that and most of his dog food before he barked to want back out to do his duty. Soon he was back at the back door scratching on it and barking...just get back in. He is lying there now on one of the rugs in the utility area of our kitchen...contented. Slinky likes company and even though I am sitting here at the bar posting, he is content just to be nearby.

Bob and I will go to Ministerial Alliance at noon. I am secretary/treasurer. I always am so busy taking notes that I seldom have time to visit and sometimes even to eat my lunch. Someday, perhaps they will elect someone else to this responsibility.

The rest of the day, I don't know what we will do. I imagine we will read. I will do some work on the computer transcribing the minutes of today's meeting. It is supposed to rain all day.

The cement on the church's parking lot drive apron should be properly cured and ready to be driven on by tomorrow. It will certainly be done by Sunday. That should help keep the gravel in the parking lot from washing so badly.

My printer has been goofing up. It prints in red most of the time. I have checked out the configuration and it should be fine but it still prints in red much of the time. It drives me crazy. Scott has my other printer and is not using it so I have asked him to bring it back next time he comes home. I will install it and see if it will print correctly.

Ah's always something any more.

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